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Capsule wardrobes have been a big topic of discussion on many blogs recently.  In addition, the fall season of minimalist fashion challenge Project 333 kicks off on October 1st.  So I thought this might be a good time to share some useful links on this timely and popular subject.

capsule wardrobe

Have you ever dressed with a capsule wardrobe? This was my first one. 

If you are contemplating taking on a capsule wardrobe challenge or if you already dress in capsules and want to improve your process, you might find the articles below interesting and useful.   Even if you aren’t ready to do Project 333 or a similar challenge – or have no desire to do so, you’ll likely still receive benefit from reading a few of these blog posts.  There are some great nuggets of wisdom therein on dressing with less and making the most of our wardrobes.

Creating Capsule Wardrobes

This first section covers the “nuts and bolts” of putting a capsule wardrobe together.  If you find the process of getting going with your capsule daunting, the tips in these articles are sure to make things easier for you.

Working with a Capsule Wardrobe

Whether you’re on the fence about dressing with capsules or have already gotten started, these posts can help you maximize the process.

  • Top 10 Capsule Wardrobe Struggles (and Solutions) – Perhaps you’re intrigued by the capsule wardrobe proposition but have a few challenges that are standing in your way of getting started. In this post, Courtney Carver of Project 333 addresses the top ten capsule wardrobe struggles and how to solve them.
  • Why You Need More than One Capsule in Your Capsule Wardrobe – When most people think of creating a capsule wardrobe, they usually believe they will put together just one However, this post from Extra Organised makes the case for having multiple capsules to cover your various wardrobe needs. This may be a good option for those who worry they won’t have enough and can even be used for overall wardrobe planning.
  • 3 Ways to Dress a Capsule Wardrobe Up and Down – This guest post on the Project 333 blog helps you to make your capsule wardrobe more versatile. Three main tips are given, with visuals to help illustrate each point.
  • Getting the Most from Your Capsule Wardrobe – This short but informative article from Inside Out Style includes tips on mixing and matching, accessorizing, and being creative with your wardrobe. For each tip, links to previous blog posts are provided for those who want to delve deeper.

Playing Devil’s Advocate

While they are all the rage currently, capsule wardrobes are not for everyone!  If you are skeptical about whether a capsule wardrobe is the best choice for you, these posts may help to shed some light on the situation and enable you to make an informed decision.

  • Does the Ten Item Wardrobe Actually Work? – The “Ten Item Wardrobe” is often touted as a great way to manage your wardrobe, but is it really all that worthwhile or necessary? Bridgette Raes addresses this question and shares some excellent wardrobe management tips for those who don’t want to pare their closets down so aggressively.
  • What’s Wrong with Capsule Wardrobes? – Grechen of Grechen’s Closet tried the capsule wardrobe concept for a while but ultimately decided that it wasn’t for her. She shares why not in this post, but also gives some great ideas for how to effectively work with a capsule wardrobe if you decide to go down that road.  She also presents a few things to try if you want to maximize your closet without putting together a capsule.
  • 6 Reasons a Capsule Wardrobe Might NOT Work for You – Lifestyle blogger Andrea Dekker is intrigued by the capsule wardrobe concept but has decided it’s not the right approach for her at this point in her life. She offers up some compelling reasons why capsule wardrobes might not work for you, either.
  • The Capsule Wardrobe Crutch – The most popular topic on Wardrobe Oxygen is capsule wardrobes, but this blogger herself does not dress in capsules. She tried Project 333 but ultimately decided it wasn’t something she wanted to continue.   While she doesn’t believe capsules will fix our closets, she does give some great tips that will help you begin to take control of your wardrobe.


Whether you are interested in capsule wardrobes or not, I really believe there is something for everyone in this links round-up.   I hope you gained at least one or two nuggets of wisdom from checking out a few of the articles above.  If you have dressed using wardrobe capsules before and want to share your experience, I invite you to do so.  Likewise, if you have questions about capsule wardrobe dressing, please feel free to ask. I will do my best to answer them and I welcome others to offer their advice as well.

I will be putting together a capsule of my own very soon, as I am about to embark on a week-long trip to see my family in Lake Tahoe.   Any time we travel, we are in essence using a capsule wardrobe, and some of us are better at it than others!  Like I did the last time I took a trip (yes, it has been almost a year and a half!), I will keep notes on what worked and what didn’t and do a travel debrief post shortly after I return.  Hopefully I will do better this time around, but as long as I learn from the experience, it’s all good.  As always, I’m aiming for progress, not perfection.

If You’re Interested in Project 333

If you’re interested in starting Project 333 on October 1st (or anytime), I encourage you to check out the “Dress with Less” microcourse.  This course includes all you need to get started and is very reasonably priced (under $20).  The course is a week long and includes 9 PDF worksheets, as well as playlists to inspire you while you’re sorting through your closet.  You’ll also be given access to a private Facebook group, where you’ll find lots of people ready to answer your questions and cheer you on.  I took this course prior to starting Project 333 (you can see all of my Project 333 posts here) and found it very informative, helpful, and supportive.  I highly recommend it!  (In the interest of full disclosure, I am an affiliate for the course, so I will receive a portion of the proceeds if you purchase it, but I only recommend products I am willing to stand behind). 

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  1. I enjoy everything you write!
    I am a little confused about what a capsule wardrobe is: is it just a smaller mix and match total wardrobe? One set aside from the main wardrobe for special occasions like formals or DIY messiness? One of four seasonal collections?
    Love your photos of late: continued good health.

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