Recovering Shopaholic Resources List

Useful Resources - Courses and BooksThe following is a list of programs and books that I feel may be useful to the readers of “Recovering Shopaholic.”  All of the resources listed on this page have been personally vetted by me.  I have taken the courses and read the books that I recommend here and give them my stamp of approval.

If you have any other resources you’d like to recommend, please connect with me to share them. Once I have a chance to check them out, I will add the ones I like to the list.  I will also periodically add new resources to this page as I become aware of them.

* Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links.  Recovering Shopaholic will receive a small commission if you purchase any of these items.  Thank you for your support! 

Online Courses / Programs:

Dress With Less MicrocourseProject333 button – If you’re interested in doing the Project 333 minimalist fashion challenge, this course includes all you need to get started!  The course is a week long and includes 9 PDF worksheets, as well as playlists to inspire you while you’re sorting through your closet.  You’ll also be given access to a private Facebook group, where you’ll find lots of people ready to answer your questions and cheer you on.  I took this course prior to starting Project 333 and found it very informative, helpful, and supportive.  I highly recommend it!

A Simple YearA Simple Year – A Simple Year is a year-long course that was designed to help you simplify your life gently and with purpose. There is a new focus – and a new instructor – each month, with topics including clutter, food, relationships, and busyness. Each month’s curriculum includes written articles, audio/video recordings, and a live webinar where you can connect with the topic’s “simplicity advocate” to ask questions. An optional private Facebook group is also offered for interaction with like-minded people on the journey toward a simpler and more meaningful life.

My Year Without Clothes ShoppingShop Your Wardrobe – Former shopaholic Jill Chivers has created two online programs for compulsive shoppers. Her “Conscious Clothes Shopping 6 Week Mini-Course” is a short course that provides you with the input to start improving your relationship to shopping. Her premium program, “My Year Without Clothes Shopping,” is a comprehensive full-year course with monthly themes that touch upon all of the key issues related to compulsive shopping. I took both programs and wholeheartedly recommend them!

Shop Less and Live MoreShop Less and Live More – This is the newest offering from conscious consumption advocate and creator of “My Year Without Clothes Shopping,” Jill Chivers. “Shop Less and Live More” is a fabulous website and two inspiring and affordable e-products designed to help you live your life, not spend it. Based on the idea that a happy and fulfilling life is not to be found at the mall, Jill shares 365 ideas to help you create a life you love – instead of continuing to acquire more and more things you don’t need.

style-course-187wide21 Steps to a More Stylish You – Are you in a style rut?  Do you feel you could look a lot better than you do? Or do you feel that your style doesn’t really reflect who you are?  If you need help determining what style best suits your body type, lifestyle, or personality, this unique style course from 40+ Style is for you! Each of the 21 steps addresses one key aspect of personal style.   By the end of the course, you will know how to move forward, dress better, and take your style to the next level!

accessory-course-187wideAccessorize Me Confident & Beautiful! – Accessories are really the key to great style.  Your outfits are not quite complete without the right accessories and can look unfinished or even frumpy. In this unique and extensive course, all types of accessories will be discussed in detail, as well as many expert tips on how to put together outfits that will look great on YOU. You will step away from this course feeling more confident and radiant than ever.

Svelte in StyleSvelte in Style:  How to Look and Feel Great While Losing Weight – Do you put off buying clothes until you lose weight?  Do you have no idea how to dress your changing body shape?   This program from Imogen Lamport of “Inside Out Style” and Jill Chivers of “Shop Your Wardrobe” is an interactive workbook full of information, exercises, and activities that are helpful for all women, not just those on a weight loss journey!  The two main sections of the book address the emotions and habits that may be sabotaging your weight health and show you how to best dress your body in its current and changing shape.  Also included are two bonus sections on eating and exercising healthily.  I previously reviewed this book on “Recovering Shopaholic” – read it HERE.

Living with Ease:  The Mindful Way to Dissolve StressLiving with Ease E-Course – Do you feel frayed, frazzled, or fried far too often?  This program from Sandra Pawula of “Always Well Within” is a complete road map to dispel stress and prevent it from overpowering you again.  The self-study format allows you to start anytime and move at your own stress-free pace, without the pressure of daily e-mails or group participation.  You will receive 30 carefully crafted lessons in one, easy to open PDF file.

Books on Shopping Psychology & Ethics:

Style-Related Books:

Gray Hair Transition Books

Miscellaneous Personal Development Books:

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