Lessons from Closet Favorites – 2015 Cool Weather Items

Way back in the fall of 2013, I wrote a post about lessons from closet favorites, using my summer wardrobe from that year as an example.  In that post, I shared photos of my favorite items from that season and looked for common threads among them that could inform my future shopping.  Today I’d like to do the same with my cool weather wardrobe (the cool weather season spans from December through June where I live – we don’t really get true winters here).

Closet favorites

Do you know what your closet favorites have in common?

For most people in the northern hemisphere, summer has officially begun even if there are a few days left of spring on the calendar.  This is a good time to take stock of last season’s wardrobe and how it did or didn’t meet our needs.  If you’re reading this from Down Under or similar parts of the world, you may want to take a look instead at your fall (autumn) clothing for the purposes of this exercise, since that season is coming to a close for you.

Singling Out Our Favorites

Unlike how I typically do things (like with my wardrobe tracking), I didn’t get too scientific with the selection of my favorite cool weather pieces. I just looked at the photos of my items and singled out the ones that I felt I wore most often and loved the most.   There are other clothes that I love, but which may not see much play for a variety of reasons, the most significant being that they don’t dovetail well with my casual lifestyle.  The clothes I feature below are all a good match for my current body, lifestyle, and personal sense of style.

But before I show you my favorites and delve into a bit of analysis, I’d like to quickly outline how you can follow along with this exercise. Here are some basic instructions:

  • Go to your closet and look at all of your clothes and shoes (and accessories, too, if desired) from the past season.
  • Ask yourself which pieces you wore most often and/or loved the most (sometimes things we wear a lot aren’t really favorites…).
  • Look at each wardrobe category (tops, bottoms, shoes, jackets, etc.) and select your “most valuable players.”
  • Write down or take photos of the items (aim for at least 10 and probably no more than 35 or so) that you wore regularly and loved wearing.
  • Look for common themes among those pieces and jot those down as well.   Consider styles, colors, prints, fabrics, and other key features of your wardrobe favorites.

My Cool Weather “Most Valuable Players” (MVPs)

Here’s how I translated the exercise… The items below are what I consider my favorite pieces from the cool weather season:

2015 Cool Weather Favorites

I have designated the above 27 items as my 2015 cool weather favorites. 

Now let’s take a look at these items by type so you can get a better look at them:

2015 Cool Weather Favorites - Tops

These 13 tops were worn most often and loved the most this past season. 

2015 Cool Weather Favorites - Toppers

These cardigans, jackets, and coats were my favorites this cool weather season. 

2015 Cool Weather Favorites - Pants, Shoes, Purse

These are the pants, shoes, and handbag I used most often last season – all black or denim. 

The Common Themes

So what common themes do you notice among my items above?   Here are the things that came to mind for me:

  1. Black – Black is the key neutral in my wardrobe and has been for quite some time. Other neutral tones, such as brown, grey, and navy, have fallen in and out of my favor, but black has stood the test of time for me.   There are 8 solid black pieces among my 27 favorites above and 3 of the printed items also include black.   The purse I carried most often and the two pairs of shoes I favored are all black.
  2. Jewel tones – I enjoy pairing jewel-toned pieces with black or denim. My favorite jewel tones are cobalt, purple, burgundy, green, and turquoise.   A full 14 of my cool weather favorites include some sort of jewel tone.
  3. Stripes – Anyone who has been reading this blog for a while knows about my love of stripes. Stripes are my favorite print and represent my signature style.   Eight of my favorite pieces include some sort of striped pattern.
  4. Knits – My lifestyle is very casual and I like the ease and comfort of knit pieces. The majority of my cool weather favorite garments are knits.   While some of my coats and pants are woven garments, all of my favorite tops from this past season are knits.
  5. Cotton / natural fibers – In addition to loving knits, I also favor cotton and other natural fibers over synthetics. I find natural fibers more comfortable and breathable. When I occasionally deviate from this preference and purchase a synthetic garment, it very rarely becomes a closet favorite. I am much happier when I stick to natural fibers and especially cotton.
  6. Henley style tops – I didn’t realize that I loved Henley style tops that much until I looked at my favorites side by side. The proof is there for me in vibrant color! I think I like the visual interest that the buttons add, along with the flexibility for changing the neckline and level of modesty.   A full 7 of the 13 tops shown above are Henley style.
  7. Waffle tops – I have long known that I like to wear waffle-style tops in the cooler months. I like that they are warmer and that stretch is usually incorporated into these types of tops.   Six of my favorite tops from last season are waffle style and two of them have been in my closet since at least 2010.
  8. Slim-fit jeans – Slimmer-fit jeans are a new favorite of mine beginning with this year. While I previously favored boot-cut styles, I now prefer narrower straight-leg jeans.   I mostly wore the same two pairs of jeans over and over again. I recently purchased a third pair in black, which I’m sure will become a favorite as well.
  9. Long, fitted coats – I have liked thigh-length fitted coats since I bought my first one (the purple coat shown above) in late 2007. I went a bit overboard in buying this style in every color I could find, but many of those purchases remain among my favorites.  My four favorite coats shown above all adhere to this style.
  10. Boots – I practically lived in black boots this past season. I mostly wore the same two pairs repeatedly, but I also have a third pair (not pictured) that saw a fair amount of wear as well, as did the new grey pair that I added to my closet this year (pictured here).   I run cold, so I like that I can wear socks with my boots, plus I really like the streamlined look of boots with my slim-fit jeans.

Interesting to Note…

Interestingly, although I made this list without looking at my list from the 2013 article, there are a few common elements that have held true over time.   Black, jewel tones, and cotton pieces remain key features among my favorite wardrobe items almost two years later.

It’s also interesting to note that 18 of the 20 items shown in my 2013 post remain in my closet. The only two pieces that have been passed on are two of the skirts, as I have changed my skirt preference to either maxi length or shorter and more fitted.   I will do a summer favorites post later this year, at which time I will do more analysis and comparison/contrast with my 2013 preferences.

Project 333?

In looking at my 2015 cool weather favorites, I feel I could have easily done the wardrobe challenge Project 333 (if you’re not familiar, learn about it here) in recent months.   I could have easily selected an additional six items to round out a cohesive capsule that I would happily wear for a three month (or longer) period.  Once again, I have basically been doing Project 333 without really trying, much like I did and wrote about last summer.  This runs in sharp contrast to the agonizing process I went through to select my first Project 333 capsule wardrobe back in April 2013.

Just for grins, I gave a bit of thought to what I would add to round out a Project 333 wardrobe for myself, assuming that I’m only including clothing and shoes in my capsule (I know the purists include accessories, too, but I like to have more variety there).   Here’s what I would add and why:

Proposed Project 333 Additions

I would add these 6 items to the 27 above if I were doing Project 333. 

  1. AGL black flats – I haven’t been as into wearing flat shoes lately, so I’d probably prefer to add a pair of heels instead, but virtually all of my heels have open toes. I do have one pair of pewter closed-toe pumps, but I think the black flats would be more versatile with the rest of the capsule. I also think these shoes would pair well with my slim-fit jeans.
  2. Black straight-leg jeans – These are a new closet addition as of last month, but since I like black and slim-fit jeans so much, they are an obvious choice for adding to a Project 333 capsule. They would pair well with the other black pieces and jewel-toned items shown above.
  3. Black/white/yellow tunic – I thought it would be good to add a couple of dressier pieces to the capsule, and this top fits the bill. It’s also a very different style from the other tops shown above.  It would work well with the slim-fit jeans in the capsule and can be dressed up or down.
  4. Grey boots – These were another easy addition, especially since I have favored boots so much this year. I could wear these boots with jeans and with many of my favorite tops. They also look nice with the coats in the capsule.
  5. Grey embellished open cardigan – For a while, I had grown tired of the open cardigans that I used to love. But since I started wearing slimmer-fit jeans, I have warmed up to the style once again. While the “drapiness” of these cardigans can look too voluminous with boot-cut jeans and flat shoes, the streamlined nature of slim-fit jeans and boots provides a good offset and makes for a nice pairing. This cardigan is a longtime favorite that has been in my closet since 2010.  The embellishments on the sleeves add a nice, unexpected touch without being over the top.
  6. Teal/black striped top – This top makes a nice addition for dressier occasions and can also be dressed down with jeans. I love the color and the diagonal stripes.   It is a more special type of striped top and is a flattering style for my frame (you can see a photo of me wearing it in this post).

That was an interesting and fun exercise to do.  Here’s what my hypothetical Project 333 wardrobe would look like with my 27 favorites and 6 proposed additions:

Possible Cool Weather Project 333

Hypothetical Project 333 – I would be quite happy wearing these 33 items for cool weather.

I think it looks quite cohesive and I could easily see myself wearing and being happy with this wardrobe for at least a three month period.   I’m not sure if or when I will officially do Project 333 again, but it feels good to realize that the prospect no longer feels overwhelming or daunting to me.  I have genuinely become happier with less.  Project 333 got me started on that path two years ago (read about my top lessons from doing the challenge here), and LIWI and my outfit journal have helped me to progress along that path.

In Conclusion

I definitely feel that it was useful for me to take the time to identify my closet favorites from this past cool weather season.   Isolating them into a folder and seeing them all together really helped me to see the common themes among these items.   Understanding what I actually like to wear will help me to shop smarter in the future.  I don’t want to have too many similar items in my closet, so I don’t plan to just buy more of the same.  However, I can take the elements that these pieces have in common and use those to inform my buying decisions.

Conversely, we can also learn from our shopping mistakes. I did a post on that topic back in 2013 and it would probably be helpful for me to revisit that subject soon.   Looking at the photos of my 2013 mistakes, it is extremely obvious to me now that I should have never bought any of the items shown in the first place.   I’m glad I’ve learned at least a few things since that time…

Your Thoughts?

I encourage you to take a bit of time to look at your wardrobe favorites from the past season and see what they have in common.   If you decide to take this project on, I would love to read about what you learned.   I invite you to share your insights in the comments section of this post.  If you have any feedback you’d like to share on my favorites (maybe you noticed a unifying theme that I missed…), I welcome your input there as well.

I will be back soon with another post on wardrobe turnover and longevity (see the first one here), as well as another entry in my “lessons from my outfit journal” series (see the two most recent posts in that series here and here).   If you have any suggestions for future posts, please leave them in the comments section or contact me directly to offer your ideas.  Some of my best topics come from readers’ input, so share away.  Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!

30 thoughts on “Lessons from Closet Favorites – 2015 Cool Weather Items

  1. Debbie,
    I just wanted to say I’m really happy for all your progress in the past 2.5 years, as demonstrated in both this post and the last post (I really liked the photos of you and the beach). If you choose to do project 333 again, I look forward to the posts! Your wardrobe was awesome.

    I changed out my wardrobe back in March but if I remember correctly, my themes were: Denim, plain colored clothes or striped shirts in black, grey, green, and blue. I also lived in comfortable clothing-cottons, velour, fleece and a chunky knit cardigan I had in heavy rotation especially on sub degree days. This season, I’ve stayed with the color palette (added a wine colored tank) and added my vests which have different patterns- Camouflage, safety pins, animal print, and lace just to name a few. I definitely think the looking back to favorites helps us, both in learning what we wear and should shop for, and in helping to define our styles. My style is more of classic girl turned rocker (which has more than enough diversity to play around with) but reflecting on what I wear each season has helped me a great deal and lets me know what I want to experiment or add.

    • Thank you for your kind words about my progress and photos, Angel. If I decide to do Project 333 again, I will definitely blog about it. Right now, I’m happy doing LIWI, but perhaps in a few months, I may want to revisit the capsule wardrobe idea. You never know what I will decide to do… Your capsule wardrobe sounds very nice and versatile. I would love to see your interesting vests, as I am intrigued. Classic girl turned rocker sounds like a fun style! I agree that reflecting on what we wear can help us to refine our style and with more experimentation. I intend to make this reflection process a standard practice for me at the end of a season.

  2. I just googled Henley style as I wasn’t sure what it meant – and I’ve discovered it originates from British rowing shirts! I live in the UK and I’ve not heard of them before (tho I recognise the style now – I think I’d call it a granddad shirt style). So I’ve learnt something new. and yes, your hypothetical Project 333 looks very cohesive and stylish – it’s interesting it was so much easier this time. Have a great weekend Debbie

    • Well, now I learned something new, too, Cathy. I didn’t know about the origin of Henley shirts. Granddad style shirt works, too… In regards to Project 333 and capsule wardrobes, I was so resistant at first because I thought I would be bored and not be able to dress as well with fewer options. But actually, I dressed better when I was only wearing my favorites. My objective with my LIWI challenge is to ONLY have favorites in my closet. It’s working its magic and I’m very interested to see where I end up at the end of the year.

  3. What an interesting exercise! Your comment about those things we wear a lot but aren’t favorites got me thinking about and analyzing those pieces from my closet. First, I have a pair of black skinny ponte pants. The color and fit work well in my closet but I realize that I wish they were denim, so I’m adding black skinny jeans to my fall shopping list There were no shoes on my favorites list- I actually just bought a pair of Chelsea boots for the colder months because of it. Lastly there was one cotton top that did make the favorites list but that I literally wore to shreds – I’ll be replacing that too.

    And there you have it – my shopping list for fall. Jeans, boots, and a new cotton top. Everything else was worn and well liked or something I don’t need/care to update.

    • I’m glad that comment was helpful to you , Sara. I’ve been thinking about it myself… My outfit journal has helped me to see when I keep wishing I had a replacement for an item in my closet. Perhaps I will do a blog post on this topic, as I have at least a few items that fit the description, things I wear often but don’t love for one reason or another. Your fall shopping list sounds great. How wonderful that you only need 3 items. That’s the beauty of building a workable and cohesive wardrobe!

  4. I’m so glad you’re happy with less. It truly reflects in your favourites. This post has given me a lot of food for thought.

    I’m currently doing a work from home style challenge where I choose comfortable but stylish clothes to wear at home everyday as I sit to work. I’m hoping it’ll teach me a thing or two about what my real lifestyle needs are. Once this is thought, I plan to undertake the LIWI challenge too.

    As always, thanks for inspiring me.

    • I like the sound of your work from home style challenge, Maneera. I hope you will report back about it after it’s over. I think it’s a great idea and I’m glad I could help to inspire you. If you opt to do LIWI, I hope you will share your progress there as well. It’s really helping me a lot to understand what I really wear – and what I actually love. Sometimes there is a disconnect there, but LIWI is helping me to notice it. I hope it helps you and others as much as it’s benefitted me.

  5. From what I see you are pretty steady. Your taste hasn’t changed so much the last 2.5 years. However it became more solid and worked on the details. I like that you have so little bottoms and shoes and one bag.
    I ‘m now busy with my summer project 333, the first one I take and i’m getting all excited. But I did the ConMarie method recently and I pretty much left very little but well loved winter clothes so I have an idea of where I stand.

    • Yes, I have been pretty steady in terms of what I like and wear, Angie. The one exception has been my shifting to narrower pants styles. I find I don’t really need that much variety in terms of pants, shoes, and bags. I like to add variety more with my top pieces and jewelry. How great that you are doing Project 333 and that you used Marie Kondo’s method to let go of some of your closet pieces that didn’t “spark joy.” I wish you the best of luck with Project 333 and I hope you will share how it goes for you down the line.

  6. Here’s a funny story that may not have much to do with the subject of your post… Today I set out to have lunch with two friends, at one of our favorite spots. As I’ve often mentioned, the weather here fluctuates from one extreme to the other.

    In the minutes before I was about to leave the house, I had just read your post and was examining your 333 garment lineup. It suddenly occurred to me that you seem to always wear jeans and have a variety of tops to go with them. I realized that I tend to wear a larger variety of pants–choosing prints or colors to pair with solid tops to visually balance my broad shoulders and narrower hips. I have an equal number of tops and bottoms in my closet.

    As I was mulling this over, and thinking that I didn’t really have anything that I wore consistently every day (like jeans)–it started to rain in huge torrents. I needed to leave for the restaurant in a few minutes and the rain showed no signs of abating. I knew I was going to be parking about a block away and that my feet were going to get wet.

    And then I realized that I DO have a go-to wardrobe item, but its not a raincoat! Its my black Crocs sandals! I have to go outside in inclement weather so much that I find myself wearing simple two-strap black Crocs sandals everywhere, for all kinds of situations. They are comfortable, have a surprisingly refined silhouette and when you get them dirty, you just rinse them off in the sink. In fact, I even have a pair of “dress Crocs” for wet business casual events…they feature the addition of a black grosgrain ribbon across the straps. No one even notices I am wearing Crocs! I can slop through the puddles and the rain without ruining my good leather sandals!

    • I love your stories, Deby, and I do think this one relates to my post. I think it’s great that you realized your go-to wardrobe item after reading my post. I know there are lots of varieties of Crocs now and not just the clogs that they first became famous for. On one of my trips to Hawaii, Crocs saved my feet. All of the shoes I had packed for my trip were not working with all of the walking around I was doing there, but I picked up a pair of Crocs slides that were amazingly comfortable and could be worn all day. I would definitely buy another pair. Yes, the easy clean feature is a bonus! As for your having more variety in your bottom pieces, that makes sense. From what you’ve written in the past, it seems your body shape is quite the opposite of mine. I like to downplay my lower half, whereas you have the slim hips that I wish I had (and you want to downplay your upper half). That said, I would like a bit more variety in terms of pants. I don’t know if I will wear patterned pants, but I would like a color or two other than just black and denim…

  7. Your hypothetical Project333 looks great! Funny how a lot of those items could belong to my wardrobe too (big fan of Henley tops here) despite our age gap and different lifestyle! I like that your basics stay the same (cotton, stripes, black), but when I re-read your previous analysis, I found your summer 2013 favorites much dressier, more embellished… Girlier? Maybe it’s the difference between winter and summer or maybe it shows how your style evolved in the past year. I’m now curious to see what your summer 2015 favorites will be!

    • It’s interesting that we like many of the same types of clothes, Cedrique, even though you are a lot younger and have a different lifestyle. I think that classic styles are often ageless and work for many people. A lot of my summer favorites from 2013 are still favorites, but the more “twee” skirts have been passed on. I also don’t like embellishments as much as I used to and am less “girly” in my style. I will definitely do a summer favorites post, but probably not until October, as we have late summers here. I expect there will be some differences and that more minimal styles will prevail.

  8. When I look at the pictures, I also find it very cohesive. Both in style and colors. To me it looks like a uniform in the best sense – that you have found what you like and what feels comfortable to you.

    As an aside, I eye your wardrobe because we have many similar tastes in clothing. I once had that short blue jacket that you had and could never make work. I wore it when I had higher waist pants, but later found the proportion off since I am long through the torso. Also, I know you prefer smaller statement jewelry, and the Brighton black cuff you just got rid of is my favorite bracelet. I live in very warm weather and i just realized I use larger jewelry as a completed piece since for much of the year I really can’t wear a jacket or sweater or another layer, even though I like the look and enjoy it in the winter.

    I will be looking forward to your summer favorites and seeing if there is as much unity there.

    • Thanks for your kind words about my cool weather favorites, Angela. I’m glad that others are seeing cohesion there, as that’s been something I’ve really been working on as of late. How interesting that you had the same short blue jacket as me. I am not long through the torso, but I am tall, so the jacket looked too “shrunken” on me. As for jewelry, I can see how it can stand in as a completer piece in warm weather. I tend to like larger jewelry in the summer, too, whereas in winter, I prefer to keep things smaller. That’s why I’ve held on to some of the jewelry I hadn’t worn yet this year. I expect that I will be more motivated to wear some of it with my summer clothing. I hope my summer wardrobe will also have a lot of unity and cohesion. I plan to let go of anything that I don’t love and which doesn’t serve my needs.

  9. I am really happy with about 90% of my wardrobe, but I do have a handful of shirts that I rarely wear. The reason I hang on to them is that those shirts were quite expensive and their classic tailoring does not date them. My MVPs are classic tailoring with a bit of Eileen Fisher thrown in to liven things up a bit along with a few pieces of jewellery or a scarf. You have convinced me to try one of those shirts today, and while I was not thrilled (I thought it looked liked a flight attendant’s uniform), it was perfectly fine. Given my constrained budget, I will give these shirts another try – maybe with your reverse hanger method. But I do not like the feeling that clothes should nag you to be worn. Something to work on. Have a lovely weekend.

    • I’m glad my post motivated you to revisit some of your shirts, Cornelia. The reverse hanger method can be a useful way to see what you’re wearing and to challenge yourself to wear as much of it as possible. I agree with you, though, that clothes shouldn’t nag us to be worn. That’s a big part of why I’m doing my LIWI challenge, as I want to be wearing what I love instead of putting things on out of guilt. I still sometimes wear things out of guilt, but it’s happening far less often. Sometimes I put something on and don’t love it, but opt to give it another chance. But if that happens a second time, I am far more likely to pass it on than I would have been in the past.

  10. My favorites were a pair of black skinny jeans, a pair of bootcut jeans, tall black boots, black ankle boots, several open cardigans, a sweater tunic, and a couple dolman sleeve sweaters. I’m pretty consistent with silhouette and color choices now. I used to think that I needed many styles and colors to keep it interesting, but I’m finding that I’m happier and look much better with my few favorite colors (black,grey,taupe,white, and denim) and with the tried and true styles. It looks like the same is true for you with different colors and styles of course.

    • Tonya, I’m feeling the same way, and now that I’m consistent with silhouettes and colors and with tried and true styles, everything goes together and coordinates easily, and I too am finding that I’m happier and feel that I look better than I did back when I had a large wardrobe of clothes.

      Debbie you are making great gains. Congratulations, your newfound confidence proves how far you have come. When I went back and read your post from 2013, along with the comments (including mine and it proved a good way to track where I was then and compare it to now. That post also showed me how far we have all come and how much progress we’ve made. It took me a long time to find my rhythm, but now that I have I’m finding each year it continues to get easier to get dressed for the day, for an event, or to pack for a trip without stress. With my last purge, which was necessary because some things no longer fit me, my wardrobe is smaller than ever, and the good news is that I seem to be landing in a space where I’m feeling enoughness instead of lack, finally! Because even though there is a lot less in my closet the heart of the matter is that I feel good and never run out of things I love to wear. For this point in my life, right now, a moderately minimal wardrobe with about 50 pieces of nice, out-and-about-wear, much of which can be worn year-round) is ideal for me.

      Debbie, your heart-felt posts along with the reader comments, is giving us all the gift of knowing that we are enough and we don’t need clothes to make us special, we already are special and always have been.

      • Your journey continues to inspire me, Terra. I think it’s wonderful that you feel enoughness now instead of lack. And how great that you can feel that with an out-and-about wardrobe of about 50 pieces! That’s a true testament to the hard work you’ve done on refining your style and buying quality pieces. I am not there yet and I don’t have a particular item number in mind. I feel like I will know when I get there when I’m at that “sweet spot.” I would love to be able to easily pack for a trip, as that’s always something I’ve agonized over and struggled with. I’m glad you find my posts helpful. Your last paragraph was very touching and much appreciated.

      • Deb, I don’t have a particular item number in mind either other than the fact that right now about “50 out-and-about pieces” can hang nicely in my closet without being too crowded. Having a little bit of extra space for clothes to breathe is wonderful!

      • Yes, it’s nice to have some room in the closet, isn’t it? My closet is still a bit too crowded, but it’s definitely better than how it used to be. Those hangers used to be crammed in there SO tightly before!

    • Your sentiments really match mine, Tonya. I am also happier with less, but if someone would have told me that 3 years ago, I would have told them they were crazy. Variety didn’t make me happier, though, and it didn’t help me to dress better, either. Your favorites sound great and very you. You have a strong style and color story going on now and I know that has helped you to pare things down and to dress well with fewer pieces. You’re doing great!

  11. Really enjoyed the positivity of this post! Can see the influence of “KonMari”, that us , focusing energies on what brings you joy rather than what you should get rid of. I can really see a cohesive and stylish wardrobe emerging, keep up the good work!

    • I’m glad you liked this post, Alicia. Yes, the focus of “KonMari” is really a game-changer: simple but so powerful. We really should focus on what brings us joy and work from there. I’m glad you see cohesion in my wardrobe. I’m pretty happy with my cool weather favorites. Hopefully, I will fare as well with my summer wear…

  12. What a useful activity to do, particularly if you own a large closet of clothes, to really analyse what you do and don’t wear and why you love what you keep coming back to over and over.

    • Yes, it has been quite useful for me, Imogen. I’ve only done it twice, but I plan to make it a seasonal activity since it really helped me to learn about what my wardrobe and my style. I have found I really don’t need as large a wardrobe as I always used to think…

  13. Your post title made me giggle… We are so far into the hot season here, that remembering my cool weather favorites would be impossible if it were not for P333! I was sweltering at the end of April, and really looking forward to my season swap. I am a boots girl, so my cold weather uniform consists of dress, tights, and boots. Add a cardie and/or scarf as needed. That gives me the layers I need for the challenges of “sudden personal temperature events,” and varying HVAC conditions. Dresses are also far more forgiving of the extra fluff acquired since January… If it’s not a dress day it is narrow jeans, a floaty top, or shell with the ubiquitous cardie/scarf.

    Seeing your hypothetical 33, I certainly can “see you” in those items! As others have mentioned, the coshesiveness and clarity in your wardrobe are so changed from when you first began posting. It’s interesting to see how your LIWI ended you up in the place that seemed so stressful when you were trying to choose a 33 way back when… As a matter of fact, that method helped me select my (modified) P333 this time around. I just started wearing clothes, and kept count. When I got to about 25, I took a good look to see what I was still missing and would need for the rest of this season. Far less stressful than looking at everything and trying to decide. My mother calls it “backing into a job”. Not necessarily the most “curated” way to go about it, but far less intimidating!

    Now I just need to remember to do a more timely review for my deep south seasons…

    • It’s amazing how the seasons vary so widely by location, Liz. I’m sure you will be well into fall while it’s still quite hot here… Your cold weather uniform sounds very nice and versatile. I keep saying I’m going to start wearing dresses and skirts more in cooler weather, but the ones I have are very “summery” in style, so I will probably need to add a few different types of pieces in order to make that work. I like how you did a sort of “reverse Project 333” in that you selected your items as you wore them. I did a post about that back in August 2013 (https://recoveringshopaholic.com/project-333-in-reverse-july/) and think it’s a great way to approach the challenge, especially for those who feel overwhelmed by the selection process.

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