Lessons from My Outfit Journal – Maxi Dresses

I didn’t think I would post another “Lessons from my Outfit Journal” installment so soon, but here’s another one right away.   I wanted to do a second post this week, but I’ve been going through a lot of physical and emotional challenges as of late and I just didn’t have it in me to write about anything else today.   But these outfit journal posts are relatively easy to write and seem to be popular with readers, so here goes.

Outfit journal entries

What percentage of your outfits do you absolutely love?

A few people mentioned that they like that I’m highlighting themes in these posts, so I will stick to that approach.   Since spring is upon us and it’s getting warmer outside, I decided to take a look at some of my maxi-dress outfits from last summer and fall (we have warm autumns where I live).

As in my last post, I will share the outfits in the order of my preference, from least favorite to most favorite today (which won’t necessarily reflect my original ratings).   I will highlight where I wore the ensemble, how I felt about it, and what I’d change (if anything) in the future, as well as any follow-on thoughts I’ve had since the outfit journal entry was made.

The Single Most Beneficial Activity

Before I delve into the photos and journal entries, I want to say one thing.   I have tried many things to try to improve my wardrobe management and personal style over the past four-plus years.   I started tracking what I wore and what I bought back in 2011, as well as taking outfit photos.   All of those activities were very helpful, but the single most beneficial activity I’ve done thus far has been my outfit journal.   It really makes a big difference to track my thoughts about what I’m wearing, as well as the changes I would like to make to my outfits.   As a result of jotting these things down, I’ve been able to gradually hone my looks and shop for the items that will have the biggest impact on my style moving forward.

I encourage you to try keeping an outfit journal for a month or two to see how it might benefit you.  You can use a physical notebook like I do (I’m still “old school” about some things), or you can keep a digital journal on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.  You can also take advantage of one of the many style apps available for free or a low fee these days (one reader commented that she likes the Day One app).  Choose the format that appeals most to you and that you think you’ll consistently use.   If you do decide to start an outfit journal, I hope it helps you as much as it’s helped me!

Outfit #1 – Striped Maxi

Striped maxi-dress

Rating:   8/10 (would rate it a 6 now based upon look and feel)

Where I Went:   Lunch and errands with my husband (8/24/2014)


  • I hadn’t worn this dress in a while and had since gotten the top part fixed, or so I thought. But it still looked “drapier” on the left side than the right and that bugged me.  I had to keep pulling the front part of the waistband down a bit so it wouldn’t look weird, which I found “fussy” and annoying.
  • The dress was very comfortable, easy, casual, and appropriate for my activities, but was not my favorite maxi due to the fussiness factor.
  • I love being able to wear dresses with flats, which is part of the appeal for me of maxis. I’m happy that I’ve been able to put together some more casual dress and skirt looks as of late.
  • If I needed a topper (it was a very warm day, so I didn’t), I probably would have gone with my black tie-waist cardigan or one of my bright V-neck cardigans.

What I’d Change:

  • I wouldn’t have bought the dress in the first place! It was a sale item that I should have left in the store.  Instead I took it on as another one of my alterations “projects.”   The top part of the dress just didn’t fit me right at all and the alterations I had done to it were ultimately unsuccessful.

Follow-On Notes:    I tried to wear the dress a couple other times after the above occasion, but I always ended up taking it off and putting something else on.   I just didn’t love the way it looked on me, so I finally let it go a few months later.  I only wore it twice – a purchasing fail.

Outfit #2 – Snakeskin Maxi

Snakeskin maxi-dress

Rating:  9/10  (would rate it an 8 today for look, a 7 for feel)

Where I Went:   Lunch and errands with my husband (11/23/2014)


  • I felt stylish, attractive, and comfortable in this dress.
  • However, I was uncomfortable sitting in the car because the dress ties in the back, leaving a bump from the bow. I have another dress with this issue (a knee-length one) and while I like the way both dresses look, this issue is non-trivial, as comfort is really key!
  • Also, because of the gathering in the front, the dress slipped between my legs quite a bit when I was walking, which I found annoying. I wondered if I would need to wear a slip with it, but I really don’t want to have to wear an additional layer on a hot day.
  • I like the look better with the jacket, as I feel it balances the outfit out more. I worry that I look bottom heavy in the dress by itself because it’s more voluminous on the bottom.

What I’d Change:

  • Maybe wear a slip so the dress doesn’t go between my legs as much when I walk.

Follow-On Notes:    I have decided not to buy any more dresses (or tops) with a tie-back.  While this style often looks nice on me, it’s uncomfortable in practice, as I’m often driving or sitting such that the tie digs into my back.   Also, I need to walk about a bit in dresses (or skirts – or anything) before I buy them to make sure they’re comfortable when I’m moving around.   I still like this dress and will wear it, but I now understand its limitations.

Outfit #3 – Black Maxi

Black maxi-dress

Rating:   8/10 (I would definitely rate it higher today, at least in terms of looks)

Where I Went:   Lunch and a movie on my birthday (8/8/2014)


  • The dress was very comfortable. I was experiencing abdominal discomfort that day (a frequent occurrence) and the dress didn’t cut or bind me in any way.
  • The front was a bit too low-cut, especially when I sat down. I wrote that the straps needed to be shortened and that I would have rated the outfit higher if I didn’t have to worry that my bra might show or that I would display too much cleavage.
  • I felt stylish and true to myself in this outfit. I also felt like the outfit was flattering to my figure.
  • Originally I was wearing a gun-metal beaded necklace, but I felt too dressed up. I am still struggling with what types of necklaces I like to wear and for what occasions.   I opted to wear medium-sized earrings and a wrap bracelet instead.
  • I only wore the jacket in the movie and following it, not to lunch. I really loved the way the jacket looked and felt and I wrote that I wanted to purchase another 1-2 pieces in a similar style (I have since bought the black moto jacket that is shown in outfit #2 above).
  • I like to be able to wear flat shoes with dresses, as it’s much more comfortable and easy to walk around in (I walked a decent amount that day).

What I’d Change:

  • Take up the straps so I’d have less chance of showing my bra or too much cleavage.

Follow-On Notes:   I did end up having the straps of the dress shortened and the dress is now one of my summer favorites.   I find it very comfortable and appropriate for many of my life occasions, plus it can be easily dressed up or down.  I have since worn the dress with a necklace, but I prefer a medium-sized one, not a full-on statement necklace.  I think that statement necklaces just aren’t “me” because my style is more streamlined and minimalist.

Outfit #4 – Cobalt Maxi

Cobalt maxi-dress

Rating:   9/10  (I’d probably give it a 10 today – I love this outfit!)

Where I Went:  Movies and errands (10/26/2014)


  • I felt comfortable, stylish, and attractive in this outfit. Cobalt is my favorite color (other than black, of course).
  • The dress, jacket, and shoes have all become summer wardrobe favorites. The necklace and watch are favorites of mine, too.
  • I have often struggled with which earrings to wear with a more prominent necklace, especially since I don’t like to look too “flashy.” The earrings in this photo were new at the time and worked well with the necklace in terms of size and style.
  • I wasn’t happy with my hair that day, yet I think it looks fine in the photo. But I do need to have alternate hairstyles to wear on humid days, as we had a very hot summer last year and that may be the case again this year.   I need to have multiple ways to wear my hair so I can easily make a change if necessary.

What I’d Change:

  • I couldn’t think of anything to change about the outfit, but I did write that I wanted to have other hairstyle options. That would definitely be helpful for me and is something I need to figure out before summer rolls around this year.

Follow-On Notes:   This type of outfit is now one of my summer “uniforms.”  It works very well for my casual lifestyle and it feels like me and true to my style. I like that I can be comfortable and stylish at the same time and that I can wear flat shoes with a dress and not look “frumpy.”


I hope you enjoyed this fourth installment of my “Lessons from My Outfit Journal” series.   I believe that I will re-wear outfits 2, 3, and 4 this year and will continue to be happy with those looks. I’m moving more and more toward maxi styles for my skirts and dresses, as the midi length I used to wear a lot is problematic and tends to look “churchy” or dowdy (I wrote about that issue in my first outfit journal post).  While I would love to find a couple of mid-knee length skirts that work well for me, I’m happy to have the maxi style as a go-to look for warmer weather.

As with the previous posts in this series, I’m going to distill down a few lessons that I learned from the entries for the outfits shown above.    Since I was happy with most of these looks, I didn’t think there would be all that many points to share here.  However, there are still a few useful nuggets to report:

  • Don’t buy dresses (or anything, for that matter) that needs a lot of alterations in order to fit well. Only do simple and straight-forward alterations on my clothes.   This is a lesson that has been very difficult for me to learn (read more about that here), but I keep trying to pound it into my head!
  • Make sure to fully consider the types of activities I will be doing in my outfits. While I’m in the fitting room, I need to walk around, sit, and move in ways that I’ll be moving when I wear the item in question.   We don’t just stand still in our clothes, so we need to make sure they will work for our actual lives and activities.
  • Try things on with the proper undergarments and make sure they don’t show up when they’re not supposed to. Get straps shortened (a common alteration for me and very easy to do) before wearing something out and about to minimize discomfort.
  • Find some alternate and easy to do ways to wear my hair for days when it’s hot and humid and/or when my hair frizzes or otherwise annoys me. Life’s too short to not enjoy what we’re doing because of a bad hair day!

Your Thoughts?

I hope you enjoyed this additional “Lessons from my Outfit Journal” post, even though it came immediately after the last installment.   If you have been keep an outfit journal or doing something similar to improve your wardrobe management and personal style, please share your experience in the comments section.  Feedback on my outfit journal entries and insights is also welcome (as long as it’s respectful, of course).


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.   I’ll be back next week hopefully ready to write coherently on all of my usual topics.  I’m glad I was still able to get a post out today, though, and I hope you enjoy and benefit from it.

36 thoughts on “Lessons from My Outfit Journal – Maxi Dresses

  1. I love maxi dresses and skirts! Its interesting to see what styles you have chosen in maxi dresses. You choose a more traditional skirted look with a defined waist and tailoring details in the bodice.

    My choice is for straight solid color columnar dresses with a slit up the side for walking ease and no definition at the waist so that I can choose if I want to belt it at the hip or at the waist. I always wear a belt with a maxi like this, it gives an edgier vibe. I also like a plain deep scoop neck. For me, these dresses are canvases for different kinds of summer looks. They look good with big chunky belts slung casually around the hips, or they can be worn with a refined belt at the waist and a short cardigan for an entirely different feeling.

    My summer closet contains a category that encompasses both maxi skirts and full leg pants in flowing fabrics (which have kind of the same vibe as maxi skirts). I only wear these styles in summer because they are lightweight fabrics.

    • I forgot to mention that I really like the snakeskin dress, and perhaps you could have it tailored to remove the tie? I also like the black maxi.

  2. A long-time fan, I have really enjoyed some of the new kinds of posts you are doing this year. It’s fun and entertaining. I feel as if we grow right along with you as you explore new options. Special kudos on the LIWI series–a very useful exercise, as many here have said.

    May I humbly suggest a minor change re this post?

    I love the maxi dresses on you–they are so flattering. They’re a fabulous alternative for someone who enjoys looking more “dressed” but lives in a very casual world. One reason I think they work well is that all the ones you’ve shown (that you are keeping) are gathered at the sternum and effectively have a high (Empire) waist. That lets the fabric flow unimpeded over any “trouble spots” you may feel you have and highlights your lovely face and figure. The moto jackets are also great for you for different reasons: they’re a more stylish alternative to cardis and traditional jackets, give you the longed-for edge, take away the church vibe, etc.

    But I don’t prefer to see them together. The dresses have a strong vertical line that the lines of the moto style seem to fight with. Also, the moto jackets’ hem falls at a place that draws attention away from the flattering Empire waist.

    While I hesitate to suggest shopping on this blog, I think that a long-sleeved shrug in a good jersey fabric would be lovely with your dresses, address your concerns about cool weather and the need to cover up sometimes. You have several of these style dresses and they look great on you and solve several issues, so perhaps adding a shrug would be a worthwhile accessory purchase. Try googling “long-sleeved shrug” under the Image heading and take a look.

    This suggestion is offered very hesitantly and humbly–you are looking so fab and confident in your wardrobe these days and it’s a joy to see. It’s just a thought.

    • I’d also love to see this with the wrap top that was mentioned as a topper. I think it would give a defined waist and interest in the neckline. I also love Deby’s suggestion for a belt. I’ve been starting to experiment with belts again lately (hello ebay for cheap commitment free belting!) and love reading tips here.
      Debbie, have you ever considered a wrap dress a la Diane Von Furstenberg? It’s such a flattering silhouette on every body type, and I wonder if you wouldn’t end up feeling fabulous AND comfortable in them, since they usually tie at the side instead of the back.

    • I know what you’re saying about the Moto-style jacket but I wonder whether if that isn’t how they’re supposed to “go” with the other parts of the outfit — a stark, rough, masculine addition to an otherwise feminine layer.

  3. Re your problem with the back ties – it wouldn’t be difficult to shorten the ties and finish the ends with Velcro. In this way you would retain the benefit of the time belt whilst removing the uncomfortable back bow.

    Best wishes from U.K.

    • Thats a good idea about finishing the ends with velcro and letting them cross over rather invisibly in the back.

  4. Great outfits. Can you tie the bow at the front instead? That’s what I do if a dress has a tie that gets in the way while sitting. Just a thought. Love these posts.

  5. Debbie, it is delightfully fun to see you evolve, find your style and to see you begin to look young and vibrant and beautiful. Of course you were young and vibrant and beautiful before, but a few years ago you were hiding behind your clothes. This new, simple style (not just these dresses, but everything you are currently wearing) brings out the best in you, and allows you to look relaxed, fun and playful and these dresses have just the right amount of edgy that showcases your great body and your beautiful skin. You are stunning in all of the dresses. Love you in the cobalt, the black, and the snakeskin. But I don’t think the snakeskin is better with a jacket. In fact, to me, all of the dresses look best without a jacket. (Those jackets are great, but they work best with jeans). Yet you do need to have something on hand when you wear your summery maxi dresses, in case you get cold, and for this reason I too was thinking that a long-sleeved shrug in a good jersey fabric would be your best option.

    • So, after reading the other comments I retract what I said about the jacket. Yet it could be nice to have a shrug too, so you could get the most wear from the dresses.

  6. I agree with a previous commenter that the maxis are gorgeous on you and the moto style also looks good, but together they don’t work. I agree that a long sleeve shrug would be great! I have one from the J Jill wearever line that is really a workhorse for maxis as it is black and goes with all of the various colors I wear.

  7. Debbie, sorry to hear that you haven’t been feeling great lately. I totally understand where you’re coming from (as do some other commenters here I believe). Even though I look forward to your posts I hope they never come at the expense of your health! I just wanted to say, as an outside observer, the patterned maxi looks wonderful on you. It doesn’t make your hip/stomach area look larger at all in my opinion. I know body image comes from within and all, but I do hope this comment will remind you that mostly we are hardest on ourselves. Keep up the good work! I keep hoping I will find the time to keep a journal again soon. I do a ‘mental journal’ but with my memory, it doesn’t always work, haha!

  8. Maxi dresses look really great on you! I agree with Deby above – belting can really change up the look of a maxi dress. I personally prefer to wear thin braided belts at the waist with my maxis, but a thicker belt would be a good look too. As for jewelry, my favourite necklaces to wear with maxis are long pendant styles. If you’re looking to make your maxis more casual, I think denim on top works really well for that – I usually wear my maxis with a light wash denim vest, but I think a denim jacket would work equally well for toning down any “dressed up” vibes.

  9. My “recovery” occurred decades ago and since then I have been very focused and, well, frugal, in my habits related to building and maintaining a wardrobe (I won’t say shopping, because to me shopping is a financial transaction that occurs when one builds and maintains a wardrobe). First, I wouldn’t have more than 1 or 2 maxi dress as this is a fashion trend — while it still has currency, it will eventually peter out. (Also, I don’t particularly like maxi dresses, having survived them in the 1970s — they seem very dated to me — especially those that are cut along the lines of your first dress.) But dresses 2-4 look great on YOU and obviously fit your lifestyle and enviable weather. I think you look better with more of your upper chest/shoulders covered to balance out the expanse of fabric below the waist. I really like the snakeskin-print dress; it looks “dressier” than the moto jacket you paired it with. Yes, it makes it more casual but it also seems a tad discordant as other readers have noted.

    Also, I would never think “I like this jacket, I’ll get a few more in the same/similar style.” I would have one moto-style jacket in a solid color that I could mix and match with all my other clothes. I would never buy more than one. I would never need more than one.

    I think you look very polished and well-accessorized, to coin a phrase.

  10. This past summer I saw a lot of maxi-dresses as I commuted to work on public transit. Your dresses fit nicely and look good, but I saw more than a few from behind on escalators that needed a slip.

    I know you’re all California casual, but a half-slip isn’t that hot, and I think they do improve the flow of a knit skirt.

  11. I think the moto jackets look fabulous with the maxi dresses. I’m not so into the black jacket with the animal print dress but love the stripe jacket with the plain black and cobalt dresses. I think the jackets do give a nice edge to the flowy feminine long dresses, they contrast each other just enough.

    I have also been a big fan of maxi dresses the past two years. I recently got rid of the remaining midi dresses in favor of the longer maxis. I have a few long linen knits that I wear with the maxi dresses that has been my uniforms last summer and will be for this one as well. Last month I bought a great fitted sleeveless linen maxi dress from Zara and a matching long sleeve v-neck cardigan in a taupe color. I usually go for more flowy cuts but found this one to be very flattering and super comfortable. I could use a light jacket or warmer cardigan for the rest of my maxi dresses when it’s cool out but I usually wear pants for cooler weather anyways.

  12. I like all three maxi dresses. The snakeskin is ssssssssso sssssssssssstunning. (Sorry, couldn’t resist) I think that it would look good with a shrug or a cardigan. The black dress I love just how you have it. It looks great alone or with the striped jacket. The cobalt I think I like without any jacket because that color looks so great on you, but of course you might get cold! I agree with Terra that I am really liking this new simple look. You are choosing things that have an impact without much fuss.

  13. Hi,

    I can see the issue/problem with the chevron striped dress in outfit #1. A belt would hide the mismatched stripes at the waist or you could cut it off into a maxi skirt but I think the other maxidresses look better on you with your body type. Also, no one is exactly the same both sides so perhaps that explains the reason the two sides of the striped dress don’t fit the same on you even after alterations.

    I am not a fan of the moto jacket with maxidresses although I do like moto jackets on you with other things because the weight and style of the two clothing items don’t go together. Moto jackets seem too stiff to go with a flowy maxidress even if the colors coordinate. As another poster said, I think the lines compete. A short jersey collarless blazer or cropped cardigan with a simple neckline that mimics the neckline on the maxidress would be a better topper I think. My sister wears maxi dresses all the time and uses some large shawl/pashminas as a topper. It isn’t my look because I hate to fuss with shawls – although I like scarves – but she really likes shawls and that she can adjust them to cover more if it gets chilly.

    • Maggie raises an important point regarding “matching” up of fabrics, noting that the moto jacket looks to “stiff” (or heavy) for the overall graceful flow of the maxi dresses. I’d like to see the tie-waist cardigan instead too. Creating well coordinated outfits requires considering a number of elements other than color and fit: where the bottom of the jacket hits (as noted earlier), weight of fabric, formal vs informal, and so on. Oh, so tricky.

  14. Hi Debbie, I like all the maxi dresses on you, but agree that a cropped jacket or shrug that hits at the waist would be more flattering and elongate your lower half.
    I also struggle with my hair, its about the same length as yours and can be annoying worn down. I recently had a friend show me how to put it up in a messy bun and a cute pony tail. It takes practice and the right tools. I hope you are feeling better. 🙂

  15. First off I am sorry to hear that this week has been really challenging emotionally and physically. It must be hard to post when you are just feeling drained. I hope you feel better this week and continue to find your joy 🙂
    I also wanted to say I think you look really good in maxi dresses – I don’t consider them a trend – I have been buying maxi dresses since 10 years ago and I don’t think they are going out of style anytime soon. They look great with flats (so much more practical for women than heels), are flattering, and create a long, attractive silhouette. Not to mention that as a mom of two toddlers I don’t have time to shave my legs every day in the summer lol…
    Others were commenting on what to wear over them, I wonder if you could wear them with a denim jacket? I know you got rid of some denim because it was stiff – I had the same problem. But there are some lovely, soft denim jackets out there which are still very structured and look great over most dresses.
    I have been struggling too. I’ve been checking in & reading your blog but have not commented in a long while. I have been doing a program to work on compulsive shopping. Although some family and friends say what I spent on clothes each month is “peanuts” (I’m good at hunting deals) compared to mortgage, bills, etc. I realized that the way I shop was still creating and causing me more anxiety. As I read your blog, much of it is practical & style oriented and we all relate to that, but underneath the even deeper layer is the emotional, and why clothes have so much power to make us feel a certain way, good or bad. Thank you for continuing to share your journey and being so honest when you have a difficult week. I know many of us are in the same boat and appreciate your honesty.

    • C. — It seems that fashion trends are recycled every few decades. I never thought, 40 years ago, that my maxi dresses would go the way of the do-do bird, but they did. Perhaps the maxi dress has lasted longer/will last longer this time around. But I as I am as old as dirt, I remember maxis so well from the late 1960s/1070s and the style doesn’t look fresh to me.

  16. You look great in these dresses. I like the jackets, but not with these dresses, a bit dark and masculine for a feminine style. Have you tried any of the short coloured denim jackets that are around at the moment? I have a white one that goes with everything, although it needs washing frequently. I’m looking out for a turquoise/teal one, or cobalt. They dress down the church vibe but have classic style. I also find simple waist length cardigans in various colours invaluable. With a belt, bracelet, necklace, or bag in the same colour you get a really pulled together look with minimum effort. When my hair was your length I either fastened the front half back into a ponytail (back of hair still down), used two of those curved combs to told a section of hair from the front above my ears , or did two skinny plaits from the front hair and fastened them at the back (looks great with long skirts- medieval vibe). All the styles leave some hair down to soften the effect.

  17. I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling unwell and hope that you are much improved by the time you read this. Regarding the trend factor I think that the only dress of the four that is really at risk of looking dated is the first one. I think the cuts and fabric of he other three are much more timeless and will be “in” for longer.

    You are so very honest on this blog and it’s great to see you honestly so happy with your clothes!!

  18. Hey Debbie,
    So many wins in this post – first off that you even did it and got it posted while dealing with the challenges you mentioned; second that you found a combo that you love that works so well for you (the maxi/moto combo looks very modern to me); and third that you’d give that last outfit a 10 today! That says so much.
    Hope you are taking good care of yourself this weekend. 🙂

  19. Great post (and I love that it came so quickly because it reminded me that I meant to start an outfit journal– I just downloaded Day One and am excited to get started). Your blog is terrific and I’m so sorry that you are struggling right now. I think Spring can be particularly difficult– everyone expects you to be up and happy which can be tough. My daughter has Tourette’s Syndrome which is made much worse by stress and anxiety and she just had a horrible week. Thanks again, Beth

  20. Debbie, dresses #2, #3 and #4 look great on you. I would love to have them in my wardrobe!

    I think you’ve been given good advice to lose the moto jackets when wearing the maxi dresses. They look a little “hard” against the flow of the dresses. I think a cardigan with 3/4 sleeves would be a much softer (and comfortable) look. You can always choose a contrasting color for a little “edge.” Check out the Charming cardigans with 3/4 sleeves from Talbots. Ann Taylor also has a nice cotton-blend, 3/4 sleeve cardigan this year. I’ve worn both over plain black and white tanks with my maxi skirts.

    I think your dangle earrings work well with the vibe of the maxi dresses, as does the long link necklace pictured with the cobalt dress. A stack of bangle or cuff bracelets (especially unmatched styles) would also complement the dresses.

  21. I really appreciate all of the comments on this post. I am very behind on lots of things, so please forgive me for not responding to them individually this time. I will do my best to address the key points made in this one comment today.

    First of all, thanks to those who expressed concern for me and wished me well regarding my current challenges. I will likely write about some of my issues in a coming post, as there is a connection between our personal challenges and our shopping behavior, as well as how we dress and how we feel about our wardrobes. Even if we try to compartmentalize our lives, things spill over from one area to another. Nothing truly occurs in a vacuum and I am learning that more and more now that I no longer drown all of my emotions through overshopping behavior. This is in line with C’s comment about the emotional side of shopping. It’s been a while since I delved into that area, but I think I’m ready to do some more posts on that topic.

    I also appreciate the topper suggestions for my maxi-dress outfits. I don’t have any long-sleeved cropped shrugs, but I like the idea and will keep my eyes open for that style. One option I do have is a tie-waist black cardigan and I wore that on both days this weekend with maxi-skirt outfits. I thought I that I had a photo of that cardigan on the blog, but I do not. But I will likely do a post on maxi-skirts before too long and will include it. I also like the idea of a cropped denim jacket. You may recall that I purchased a denim jacket last month that I thought would be a keeper. However, every time I went to wear it, I just wasn’t “feeling it,” so the jacket went back. I think it was still a bit too long and boxy even though it was better than most. I would really like a denim jacket, but they just don’t seem to work on my frame. I will keep looking, though.

    I loved the suggestions for dealing with the tie-waist on the snakeskin dress. I’m not sure if tying the bow in front will work, but I will give it a try. If that doesn’t work, I will look into shortening the straps and adding velcro like Roz suggested. Brilliant idea!

    The suggestions for wearing a half slip or pettipants with my maxi-dresses are also good. I have a friend who swears by pettipants, but I hadn’t even heard of them until she told me about them! But either suggestion could work to remove some of the annoying factor with the snakeskin dress.

    The idea of belting the dresses is good, but it won’t work with dresses two and three because of the style. However, I could see a belt looking nice with dress #4. I want to confirm that I no longer own the first dress shown. It was a purchasing failure for sure, but as Marie Kondo suggests, I will thank the dress for the lesson it taught me and move on. No more overhauling garments by way of alterations!

    Thanks to all of you for your comments. I learn a lot from what you all have to say. I will be back soon with another post.

  22. Hi,

    I haven’t been on your website since I posted a few days ago. Lynn mentioned a colored denim jacket as a possible cover for the maxidress. It occurred to me that Isaac Mizrahi usually has a few denim jacket styles in colors and in a knit. He usually offers a few different fabrics such as french terry, fleece, etc. You can find them at the QVC.com website.

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