While I’m Away… A Few Links to Share

It feels like forever since I’ve posted to this blog!   I’m still away but I wanted to check in and share a few things with you, including links to some articles I’ve read and enjoyed recently.  I’ll be back later this week with a full debrief on how I did with packing for my trip – what I wish I would have brought, what I should have left at home, what I wore, and more!  Stay tuned…

Recovering Shopaholic on “40+ Style”

Debbie with Coco

The first thing I want to share is my guest post on the “40+ Style” blog.  I was interviewed as part of their “Style Interview” series, but some additional questions were added related to the topics of wardrobe management and compulsive shopping.  I also wrote a bit about my Project 333 experience and shared photos of some favorite outfits from the past year.

I enjoy writing about my recovering shopaholic journey both here on the blog and in other venues.  I want people who are struggling to know that it’s definitely possible to shop smarter and cultivate a workable wardrobe.  I’m not “there” yet, but my progress is proof that recovery can happen for all of us!

What I’ve Been Reading Lately…

Wardrobe and shopping links

As I’ve mentioned previously, I read a lot of blogs.  Although I’ve been paring down the list of blogs I read along with decreasing the size of my wardrobe, I’ll always keep the best ones around.  I love to share my favorite articles with you from time to time.  Perhaps you’ll discover new blogs you’d like to follow or learn a few tips and suggestions that can serve you in terms of your shopping, your wardrobe, and your personal style.  Included below are my latest installment of “useful links.”

On Wardrobe Management

On Smart Shopping

  • Bypassing Buy Now: More Tips to Avoiding Senseless Online Shopping” – Many of us struggle with buying too much online.  Jill Chivers of “Shop Your Wardrobe” offers three specific and helpful tips we can use right away to better manage our e-commerce shopping.  If you want to read more from Jill on this topic, be sure to check out her earlier two posts on this topic (here and here).
  • Making Mail Order Work for You” – This post from Janice of “The Vivienne Files” dispels the myth that it’s simpler and better to shop in brick and mortar stores rather than online.  Many people avoid online shopping because it’s frequently necessary to return purchases that don’t work out.  Although e-commerce returns can be a hassle, Janice contends that shopping online is often easier and smarter than going to the stores!  She provides a step-by-step process to make e-commerce shopping work for you.
  • Shop for Trends with Practical Passion” – Although I’m not overly concerned with trends, I do find that adding a few “of-the-moment” pieces from time to time helps to modernize my wardrobe.  Bridgette Raes states that it’s better to purchase on-trend accessories instead of items of clothing.  She recommends that we follow the “2 P’s” when buying trendy pieces – passion and practicality – and shares a personal story to illustrate her points.
  • How to Assess the Quality of Garments:  A Beginner’s Guide” – Garment quality is a topic that was explored in detail on “Recovering Shopaholic” by means of an excellent guest post from Dottie.  Anuschka of “Into Mind” recently wrote a two-part series on this subject, complete with a cheat sheet (PDF) for readers to use for easy reference when shopping.  Part One covers fabric quality and Part Two addresses seams, tailoring, lining, and other details.  As is true of all of Anuschka’s post, this one is well worth a read!

See You Soon…

I hope you enjoy all of the wonderful articles I shared above. Feel free to comment if you have thoughts to offer on the topics presented or if you’d like to share additional links.   I’ll “see” you later this week for my travel debrief post.  Until then, I wish you wardrobe bliss and shopping success!

18 thoughts on “While I’m Away… A Few Links to Share

  1. Your guest post on the 40+ Style blog was fantastic! The photos of you were all so beautiful, and I liked what you had to say about your personal evolution. In particular, I learned you have a master’s in psychology and that you would like clothing that was a little more edgy. To that end, I can definitely see you in an asymmetrical motorcycle jacket in black leather! Perfect for you!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Bette. About wanting to be more edgy, I noticed that I really admired such looks in others, so why not add a bit of that element to my outfits? I like the idea of an asymmetrical motorcycle jacket!

  2. Great post and I also just read your guest post on the 40+ Style blog and loved learning a bit more about you. I hope your mom is doing well!

    • Thanks, Mette. My mom is on the mend and is doing pretty well for a little over a week after surgery. It will be a long recovery, but I’m glad I could help her out for a little while…

  3. Your guest post at 40+ Style was fantastic! Glad to see you featured there so your message can reach more people who might need it.

    Interesting to learn you’re a DYT Type 4. I took that course and was also Type 4. However, after rushing right out to buy more “4” clothes and accessories, I discovered that I just didn’t feel like a 4. After researching color analysis I decided to be draped by a SciArt analyst. Much to both our surprise I was a True (Cool) Summer instead of a Winter like I’ve always thought I was since I have dark hair and eyes and porcelain skin. I slowly started with purchasing a few items in True Summer colors and found that they felt more like “me.” My husband thought they were more complimentary as well. I’ve found shopping to be easier knowing there are certain colors that suit me and avoiding the one’s that don’t.

    Have a fantastic holiday Debbie!

    • Thanks, Kim! I haven’t heard of SciArt before, but would love to learn more. I tried Googling the term but got information about climate change and other scientific topics. If you can provide a link, that would be great! I may be a summer instead of a winter, too. I have tried the self-analysis on various sites, but it was somewhat inconclusive. I don’t adhere to the Type 4 Dressing Your Truth guidelines steadfastly. I’m far too much of a rebel to follow anyone else’s rules too closely 🙂

    • Thanks, Kayla! I was very happy to be asked to share my story and I’m happy that people enjoyed it!

  4. Thanks for sharing some links. It’s always nice when someone else has already done the legwork and found interesting articles. 🙂 Safe and fun traveling!

    • Thanks, Lisa! I’m always happy to share the articles I enjoy. The hardest part sometimes is narrowing down the list! I was happy to include your recent travel advice post in the mix.

  5. Congratulations Debbie on your guest post! I also enjoyed seeing the lovely photos of yourself, your husband and one of your cats 🙂
    Good to hear that you are considering a return to coaching as your life experiences and ability to inspire others will be a gift to those who need encouragement – just as you have done here with your blog.

    • Thanks so much, Megan. Good to see you commenting again… Yes, I think I’d like to return to coaching in some capacity. I’m not exactly sure what that would look like yet, but I do enjoy encouraging others and helping people to reach their goals and fulfill their dreams. I’m happy to be able to do that in some capacity with the blog and I intend to keep doing so, but I’d love to add some coaching and speaking into the mix somehow…

    • Thanks, Susan. Coco is definitely a diva, but she’s also a total sweetie. I think she knows she’s beautiful… She doesn’t really like being photographed, but she tolerates it 🙂

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