Useful Links: Articles on Shopping Addiction

I am always on the lookout for good articles on the topic of shopping addiction.  In fact, I probably have at least 100 of them bookmarked at this point!   In today’s useful links post, I share some of the best of these articles with you.

You’ll see some of the “usual suspects” in the mix, including an interview with Dr. April Benson and an excellent recent blog post by Jill Chivers.  I also feature a recent article about online shopping that includes quotes from both Dr. Benson and “yours truly.”  Enjoy!

Compulsive Shopping - Useful Links

In the News… Articles on Compulsive Shopping

In September 2011, Dr. April Benson (psychotherapist and author of “To Buy or Not to Buy”) was interviewed for the website  This fascinating interview touches on issues that aren’t typically addressed in articles on compulsive shopping, including shopping without buying, emotional and spiritual bankruptcy, “wishful shopping,” and shopping via QVC and HSN.

Jill Chivers shares a comprehensive and fascinating infographic which outlines key statistics related to the financial and psychological costs of overshopping.  Some of the information presented surprised me, including the fact that almost as many men as women are compulsive shoppers!

Shopping addiction among men is on the rise.  One expert on the topic, Terrence Shulman, estimates that 50% of the 30 million Americans who struggle with compulsive shopping are men.  This article outlines some of the characteristics of male shopaholics and profiles one man who wrestled with compulsive shopping for many years.

I mentioned Terrence Shulman above… He is one of the leading experts on compulsive buying disorder in the United States and the author of “Bought Out and Spent(I need to add this book to my reading list).  In this article, he is interviewed by fashion and beauty editor, Dara Fleisher.  Some interesting points in the article include the common traits among most addictions and compulsions, the type of people at risk for becoming compulsive shoppers, and the various options available for treating shopping addition.

Terrence Shulman, Dr. Benson, and I were all interviewed for this article on on the topic of online shopping addiction.   Although the focus of this article is on online shopping issues among grandparents, most of the information applies to all those who struggle with compulsive shopping.  It’s a basic overview that provides some good “food for thought.”

Participation in a survey about shopping habits led writer Julie Gerstein to realize she had a compulsive shopping problem.   I could identify with all five of the disturbing things she learned about the role of shopping in her life, including “I never need anything, but I want everything.”

One quote that particularly resonated for me was:  “For many of us, shopping isn’t about solving a problem; it’s about changing a feeling.” So true! Also of interest is how men’s and women’s shopping behaviors mirror traditional hunter/gathering instincts.

This last link is to a recent blog post by Jill Chivers of Shop Your Wardrobe.  Not only does Jill mention me and this blog in the post (always a nice bonus!), she also shares some very helpful insights about the path she’s taken to heal her own shopping addiction.

For Jill, what’s worked is a formula of awareness plus daily discipline.  She also suggests that we all create a “love to do” (instead of shopping) list to use when we feel tempted to hit the mall or fill our online shopping cart.  Helpful advice all around and a great way to end this post on a high note!

This is Just Part One…  More Links to Come!

I hope you enjoyed today’s links.  If you’re aware of other interesting articles related to compulsive shopping, please feel free to share them.  Since I’ve saved so many excellent articles on this topic, I’m sure I’ll be doing a “part two” (and perhaps parts three and four…) sometime soon.   Have a wonderful weekend!

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