Love It, Wear It Challenge: One Month In

I just completed my first month of my “Love It, Wear It” Wardrobe Challenge, so it’s time for an update.  Here’s a quick reminder of how the challenge works (read more here)…  The idea is to create a “working closet” by moving everything I actually wear into a specific area of my closet.   I will only wear what I really want to wear and anything that I find uncomfortable, fussy, or no longer my style will be passed on for donation or consignment.   In addition, I will only buy new things as replacements for worn out favorites or if I find myself continually wishing I had a particular item to include in my outfits.

Love It, Wear It Challenge

The objectives for the challenge are to wear what I love and to have the right types of clothing, shoes, and accessories for my life.   By “my life,” I mean the life that I am actually living in the here and now, not an imagined, wished for, or previous lifestyle.   While there is room for a small formal wear capsule in my closet (I will write more about that soon), I definitely don’t need to hang on to a plethora of fancy or going out wear when the majority of my life is spent at home or engaging in very casual activities.

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Ending Closet Chaos: My New Book and Next Wardrobe Challenge

At the end of my “worst purchases of 2014” post last week, I mentioned that my second book is available.   In today’s post, I share more information about the book, as well as the next wardrobe challenge I’ve opted to take on for 2015.

About the Book

My second book is titled End Closet Chaos:  Wardrobe Solutions from an Ex-Shopaholic.”  It contains the best of my wardrobe management tips and strategies from the blog, categorized into logical sections related to various closet conundrums.   The solutions in the book have all been revised and enhanced from the original versions that appeared on the blog, and some new material has also been created specifically for the book.

End Closet Chaos book cover

You do not need to be a shopaholic to benefit from “End Closet Chaos”!   The tips and suggestions I provide are intended to be helpful for anyone who struggles with “closet chaos” of any kind.  You can read the book from cover to cover or use it as a reference to tackle your individual wardrobe challenges.

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