November 2014 “Grab Bag” of Useful Links

Since it’s almost the last day of the November (where did the time go?), it’s time for another installment of “useful links” on a variety of subjects.   A lot of my fellow bloggers are taking some time off this week, but since I enjoy having blog posts to read on holiday weekends, I figured some of you might feel the same way.  Plus, I know my useful links posts are both popular and appreciated.  Even those who have been extremely busy this week might want to take a few moments to relax and read some interesting and informative articles.

I hope all of my readers in the United States had a Happy Thanksgiving yesterday.  Mine was low-key but enjoyable.  My husband and I took his mom (who lives near us) out to a waterfront restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner.  The photo below was taken just before sunset with the San Diego skyline in the background.  Even though the temperature was in the low 80’s (apologies to my East Coast friends!), I tried my best to be festive with my outfit.   It’s kind of difficult to get into the holiday spirit in such summery weather, but I’m not exactly complaining…

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Tis the Season to Overshop – Or Is It?

The holiday season is upon us once again, along with all of the associated pressures and temptations to shop.  A year ago at this time, I offered a number of tips for dealing with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other related holiday challenges.  As I re-read that post yesterday, I pondered what else I could write about the subject of holiday shopping – and overshopping.   I decided that I do have more to say, but I’m going to veer off in a bit of a different direction, to a topic that isn’t often discussed.

Holiday Overshopping

Do you struggle with holiday stress & overshopping?

Buying for Ourselves During the Holidays

In addition to the buying we do for our loved ones (and even some not so loved ones), many of us also purchase things for ourselves this time of year.  While some people might consider such behavior selfish, I really don’t think that’s what it’s about.   In today’s post, I’m going to explore the subject of self-nurturing during what is often a very stressful time of year.

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We Don’t Have to Try So Hard

I’m a big fan of the singing competition television show, “The Voice.”  Last week, right on the heels of my “Who Are You Dressing For?” post (that was hard for me to write and helped me to turn a powerful corner), one of the competitors on the show sang a song which cut right through to my soul.  I knew the moment I heard it that I needed to write a blog post about the thoughts and emotions it evoked in me.   The sentiments expressed in the song not only affect me personally, I know they also impact thousands – and likely millions – of other women worldwide.

Trying too hard

The song is called “Try” and it’s by Colbie Caillat.  The cover version was sung by the youngest competitor on “The Voice,” Reagan James, on the eve of her sixteenth birthday (watch her performance here). As she sang the song, I could tell that she felt the words deeply.  Yet I –at age 48, three times her age – felt them equally as strongly, if not to a larger degree.

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The End of Season Wardrobe Analysis

Most people around the world switch out their wardrobes a few times each year as the seasons change.  In many instances, this involves moving items from one closet to another or packing and unpacking pieces from boxes or suitcases.   Even those of us who live in temperate climates generally have some sort of wardrobe transition as the weather shifts to either cooler or warmer.

Believe it or not, summer is only now coming to an end where I live.   The warm weather typically arrives quite late – usually in mid-July – and sticks around until early to mid-November.   Thus, I’m only now transitioning into my cooler weather clothing.   However, I’m doing things are bit differently as I make the change this time.

For one, I no longer have to pack any items away, as my entire wardrobe now fits quite comfortably in my closet.  This is great, as it will now be easier for me to seize the opportunity to wear summer clothing when unseasonably warm days come around.  But I will plan to move things around a bit and shift my cooler weather garments to a more front and center position for easier access.

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Styling Advice from Bridgette Raes – Favorite Outfits

I’m posting some more outfit photos today.  While this has often been a nerve-wracking thing for me to do, I feel better about it this time for a few reasons.  For one, today’s photos are of ensembles I actually like, in contrast to the last few installments (here and here) of unloved looks about which I was seeking advice from Bridgette Raes.  Additionally, writing “Who Are You Dressing For?” last week helped me to turn a corner.   I now feel more able to dress for myself after processing and sharing my feelings about being overly concerned with others’ opinions.

It’s Okay If You Don’t Like My Outfits

You may or may not like the outfits below, and I’m okay with it either way.   What’s important is that I like them and felt good while I was wearing them.   Of course, I’m still in the process of evolving my style (read my thoughts on that here), so I shared photos of my favorite looks with Bridgette Raes for her input.  Since I hired Bridgette to help me improve my style, I was open to her feedback on how I could enhance both my problematic and favored ensembles.  What helped a lot was that she’s not only a professional, she also had a very clear idea of my objectives as a result of the comprehensive questionnaire I completed prior to our first meeting.

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The Future of Recovering Shopaholic

As the year draws to a close and I’m coming up on the two-year anniversary of this blog, I’m starting to ponder the future.  While I have no plans to end “Recovering Shopaholic” (so don’t worry about that!), I may want to change it in some way.   I have some thoughts about how I might want to do this, but it’s not only my opinion that matters!

Fork in the Road

A Brief History of this Blog

When I launched this blog back in January 2013, I had no idea how many people might read it.   As is true of all blogs, it started out small.   I was mostly writing for myself at first and chronicling my own personal journey.   Before too long, I had a handful of readers and was thrilled to get my first comment towards the end of my first month.  Things grew steadily from there, with a few bursts along the way as a result of guest posts on more established blogs like “Project 333” and “Be More with Less.”

Fast-forward to today and I have a relatively large following.  There are now hundreds of readers who are receiving my posts via email and through feed readers and social media.   I feel blessed that my words have been able to reach and touch so many people and I am thankful to all of you for tuning in.

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Who Are You Dressing For?

Who are you dressing for?   Although you might immediately answer this question with “myself” and that may be a spot-on response for you, it’s not the case for all of us.  Many people dress more to please or impress others than to make themselves happy.   This is a topic I’ve been thinking about a lot lately and I will share some of my thoughts in today’s post.

Dressing for Others

Do you dress more for others than for yourself?

On Fashion Forums and Lemming Behavior

A few years ago, I used to spend a lot of time on fashion forums.   Some of the participants on these forums post outfit photos and are given feedback on their looks from people all around the world.   The feedback usually centers on whether or not the ensemble is in line with current trends and fits the accepted definition of what is “fashionable.”

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