July 2014 “Grab Bag” of Useful Links

As longtime readers of “Recovering Shopaholic” may recall, I used to publish useful links lists on specific topics every Friday (you can see the resources archive here), and I also include links at the end of some standard posts.  Although I’ll probably still do these things on occasion, I’ve decided to consolidate most of my helpful links into a monthly post.

Useful links from around the world

Sharing resources and tips from around the world!

Included below is the July 2014 edition.  This list features articles on the standard “Recovering Shopaholic” topics of shopping, wardrobe management, and style, as well as a few others I think you might enjoy on alternate subjects.  I hope you enjoy this month’s assortment of links.  Please feel free to share any thoughts you have on these articles in the comments section. You’re also welcome to include any other links you feel may interest your fellow readers. Continue reading

The Folly of it All!

About a month ago, I went to the mall in search of a few of the items on my shopping priorities list.  Since I was looking for very specific things, I probably walked into and out of close to half of the stores in the mall.  During the process, I observed many other shoppers and later jotted down a few notes to potentially explore in a future post.  When I shopped again this past weekend, I was reminded of my impressions from the June excursion.

In today’s post, I write from the perspective of a recovering shopaholic who has emerged enough from my compulsion to see it in a different light.  While it’s true that I am not yet completely recovered (that may take a while…), I am sometimes able to view the folly that shopping can be with the wise eyes of an outside observer.  It is my hope that my observations will be helpful to you and will provoke both deep thoughts, as well as lively discussion for those who wish to chime in!

Tired shopper with lots of bags

Do you shop til you drop but not have much to show for it?

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Confession: I Shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this Year

Exactly a year ago today, I wrote a post titled “Why I’m Skipping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.”  This has become one of the most popular posts on my blog, probably because so many people search for the term “Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.”  In a nutshell, the post outlines the five reasons why I decided to sit out what had been my favorite sale for many years.  My decision to avoid that “holy grail” of sales was a big turning point in my recovery process, although I’ve clearly experienced a number of ups and downs since that time.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

So I shopped the sale this year…. (image: Nordstrom.com)

Fast forward a year…  I have a confession to make.  This year, I did shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, or NAS for short.  While that may seem like a bit of a “backslide,” so to speak, it’s not necessarily that black and white.  In today’s post, I outline why I shopped the NAS this year, what was different about how I approached it this time around, and what I still need to learn and improve before I revisit this sale next time. Continue reading

What’s New at Recovering Shopaholic – and “Real Simple” Article!

I know a lot of you receive my blog posts via email or a feed reader and rarely or never visit the “Recovering Shopaholic” website.  However, I’ve recently made some updates to the site and want to make sure you’re aware of the additional resources you can access there.  I’d also like to welcome new readers and share some exciting news!

What's New

From January 2013 to Now…

I started “Recovering Shopaholic” in January 2013 as a way to keep myself accountable as I worked to overcome a decades-long compulsive shopping problem.  I also hoped to connect with other recovering shopaholics to support and inspire each other in our efforts to trade our full closets for full lives.

I didn’t know how many people would read my words, but I thought if I could help even one person, my efforts would be worth it.  What’s happened since then has exceeded anything I’d initially hoped for.  I now have readers from around the world and a thriving community of women who support each other – and me – in shopping smarter and cultivating workable wardrobes. Continue reading

How Journaling Can Improve Your Style

In my last post, I wrote about “The Dark Side of Style Redefinition,” which was a topic that resonated with many of you.  I find some comfort in knowing I’m not the only person who sometimes looks into my closet and wants to start over.  In truth, it’s not as bad as all that.  I have my emotional moments during which I hate pretty much everything I own, but those stormy times pass and I realize that I do like a decent proportion of my wardrobe. But the plan I devised during my most recent closet meltdown is already beginning to bear fruit.

Keep an Outfit Journal

Taking the time to journal about your outfits can be very beneficial!

In today’s post, I expand upon item #2 of what I termed my “cunning plan” for addressing my shopping and style for the remainder of the year.  This step involves keeping a daily journal in which I write about the outfits I wear, where I wore them, and my feelings about each ensemble.  After I wrote last Thursday’s post, I’ve gone back and chronicled my outfits from the beginning of July through to today. Continue reading

The Dark Side of Style Redefinition

In some of my recent posts, I’ve shared that I have been redefining my style as of late.   Cutting back on my shopping has led me to more thoroughly evaluate what’s in my closet.  It’s also given me more time and space to consider how I want to dress and how I’d like to be perceived by others.  While this sounds like a very positive shift – and it mostly has been – there have been a few negative side effects.

In today’s post, I offer my thoughts on what I’ve termed “the dark side of style redefinition.”  I don’t necessarily think this dark side applies to everyone, but it’s definitely affecting me and likely affects fellow shopaholics in similar ways.

Style redefinition's dark side

Redefining our personal style can have an unforeseen “dark side.”

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How to Care for Your Summer Knits

The following is a guest post from Deby, a regular reader of this blog, who is sharing some tips and strategies for caring for your summer knits.  Fascinated by fashion since early childhood, as the granddaughter of a seamstress, Deby grew up learning about fabrics and sewing techniques.  Today Deby works full-time in marketing as a visual communicator/writer, with an active interest in the fashion trends that influence us and how we can enjoy them to our benefit!

Living in a humid Midwestern climate, where the temperatures arrive in the 90’s by June and stay there well through September, I have come to love knits over any other type of fabric for summer. I have a professional position within my company, but I primarily work at home as a telecommuter, with forays out for meetings, lunches, and face time with my coworkers. Although I can dress as casually as I want at home, I always choose to dress professionally on a work day. I’ve come to learn that you never predict what might happen or who you will meet in the course of a day, so you need to look presentable, and knits fit the bill by combining comfort with good looks. Continue reading