On Social Exclusion and Compulsive Buying

The following is a guest post from Dagmar Verheij, a recent graduate of the Rotterdam School of Management.  Back in January, some readers of “Recovering Shopaholic” assisted Dagmar with her master’s thesis in Marketing Management by completing an online survey on their compulsive shopping thoughts and behaviors.  Although Dagmar’s hypothesis was not originally revealed, her research explored the relationship between social exclusion and compulsive buying. In today’s post, Dagmar shares her findings, which are quite interesting and thought-provoking!  I know I could see myself in a lot of what Dagmar reports, and I’m sure many of you will, too…

Social Exclusion and Compulsive Buying

How does social exclusion affect compulsive buying? Read on…

A few months ago, some of you helped me by filling out a questionnaire for my master thesis on the impact of social exclusion on compulsive buying. I would like to thank you for your help by sharing my findings.

It is ironic that for many people, compulsive buying seems to be strongly tied to their need for affection and support from others, but it also often results in distancing important others. Alienating other people could lead to a life of social exclusion. Continue reading

Full Life Goal Update – April 2014

Earlier this week, I posted an update on how I’m doing with my shopping and wardrobe goals for 2014.  In today’s post, I’ll share my progress thus far with what I’ve termed the 2014 “Full Life Project.”

Many of you have praised me for my honesty, so I’m going to level with you.  I wrote the other update first because I had more glowing progress to report.  Although transforming my relationship to shopping and my wardrobe is definitely not easy, it’s far more straightforward than improving my life at large.  The steps involved may require dedication and willpower to undertake, but at least I’m mostly aware of what I need to do in order to shop less, buy smarter, and streamline my closet.

Creating a New Life Continue reading

Shopping and Wardrobe Goals Update – April 2014

Back in January, I created a series of goals for the year regarding my shopping, my wardrobe, and my life at large.  At that time, I also provided a recap on how I did with my 2013 goals.  This year, I decided not to wait until the year was over to share how I’m doing with my various goals.  Instead, I’m going to do three updates:  one a third of the way through the year (this post!), another at the two-thirds point, and a final update at the end of the year.

Shopping and wardrobe statistics

In today’s post, I share how I’m doing with the shopping and wardrobe goals I’ve set for the year. Later this week, I will update you on my progress with what I’ve termed the 2014 “Full Life Project.”  We all get busy with life and our lengthy to-do lists, and goals can sometimes fall by the wayside as a result.  My goals updates will help keep me on track and moving powerfully toward the objectives I outlined for myself as 2014 began. Continue reading

Change, Without Making a Purchase

The following is a guest post from Lisa at Shopping Brake.  Motivated by a challenge from her husband, Lisa is a shopaholic who is tackling her overshopping and overspending habits head on. Her blog is dedicated to providing personal insights during her journey to change her shopping habits.

NOTE:  This post marks the beginning of the new “Stories of Recovery” series which will appear periodically on the blog.  In this series, other recovering shopaholics will share their stories of how they’ve been able to overcome their shopping and wardrobe challenges in their own unique ways.   I look forward to sharing diverse recovery stories that will help inspire and empower my readers.

If you would like to be profiled in this new series (you can be anonymous if desired), or if you have an idea for another type of guest post on “Recovering Shopaholic,” please connect with me to share your thoughts.

In the Beginning…

I don’t know why I am here and I don’t care.  I just want to feel beautiful, happy, and loved.  So I tear through the racks, a woman on a mission.  If I can only find that perfect pair of jeans, and then the perfect top to wear with them, and finally the perfect pair of boots to round out my outfit, I will purchase it all, and then I will be that woman.  The woman who is not me at this present moment in time…  I will become a new woman, and she is perfect, because she is not me. Continue reading

Creating a Shopping Priorities List – Why and How

In a number of my previous posts, I’ve mentioned the importance of shopping with a list in order to avoid impulse buys and purchasing mistakes.  I’ve also referred to my own shopping priorities list on occasion, but other than the partial list I included at the end of this post, I haven’t provided many details.  The lively discussion in the comments sections of my “March 2014 Accountability Update” and “Creative Math and Playing by the Rules” posts made me realize I need to write more on the topic of shopping priorities.

Shopping priorities list

Do you have a shopping priorities list? Do you use it?

In today’s post, I outline why I believe shopping priority lists are important and share my own list with you.  I also point you towards several other resources to help you plan your future shopping for clothing and related items. Continue reading

The Ins and Outs of Custom-Made Clothing

The following is a guest post from Maharani, a regular reader of this blog, who is sharing her experience with having her clothing custom made.  Awhile back, Maharani had suggested this option for me in response to my pants shopping difficulties.  Since I was intrigued by the custom clothing possibility but knew so little about it, I figured others would also be interested in learning more. So I asked Maharani to share her experiences in a guest post, and the rest is history!  Read on to learn lots of useful information about custom-made clothing and how it might be an option to consider for your wardrobe.

Custom Clothing

Have you ever had your clothing custom made?

Continue reading

On Creative Math and Playing By the Rules

I’ve often shared that I learn a lot from my readers, and last week was definitely no exception. I received quite a few comments on my “March 2014 Accountability Update.”  Many of these comments were, in essence, calling me on the carpet for my “creative math” related to my item limit accounting.  I’m glad that some of my readers didn’t let me get away with changing the rules mid-stream and that they pushed me to take an honest look at my behavior and my justifications thereof.

Creative accounting

I was guilty of doing some “creative accounting” with my item limit.

Not only did many readers point out my creative math, they also offered helpful suggestions for how I might approach my shopping rules moving forward.  In today’s post, I share some of the recommendations I was given, as well as the conclusions and decisions I’ve reached following deep introspection over the weekend. Continue reading