Useful Links on the Holidays and Shopping

As I’ve mentioned previously, I subscribe to a lot of magazines and blogs. Although I’m gradually paring things down in both areas, I still consume quite a bit of information.  Most recent articles have focused primarily on holiday deals and gift guides, but there have been some bright spots of refreshing content buried among the consumerist morass.

Holiday Shopping and Consumerism

This time of year is about more than gifts and shopping!

Since I haven’t done a “useful links” post in a while, I decided to share some of my favorite recent articles on the topics of  holidays and shopping with you today.  Some of these articles are from popular bloggers, so you may have already seen them, but I’m sharing them anyway because they’re just so good (and worth a second read!). Continue reading

What I’ve Learned from Shopping My Closet

As much of the world moves into the frenetic shopping blitz of the holiday season, I’d like to talk about a different type of shopping, the “shopping” we can do in our own closets.  I first heard the term “shop your closet” a few years ago on a fashion forum and I have to admit that it didn’t sound like much fun to me at the time.  As a dyed-in-the-wool shopaholic, I believed the only shopping I could enjoy was the type that took place in malls or on e-commerce sites.  I was always looking for what was new and better than what I already had.

Benefits of Shopping Your Closet

Have you taken the time to shop your own closet?

Before this year, I regularly purchased at least 150-200 new clothing and accessory items per year.  I bought so much – and so fast – that I generally had little idea of what I already owned.  My closet was so jam-packed that even if I spent a large chunk of time looking around in there, I still wouldn’t have been able to remember most of what I possessed. Continue reading

The Holidays and Shopping: The Not-So-Perfect Storm

We’ve entered into what is often the most difficult time of year for shopaholics, the holidays.  I probably should have done this post several weeks ago, as it seems the holiday shopping season begins earlier and earlier each year.  Even in mid-October, I saw glittering red and green decorations festooned among the displays at Macy’s.  Stores don’t even wait until Halloween has passed to start the holiday push.

If you’re anything like me, you have a long history of overshopping during the holiday season.   In many ways, this time of year creates a “perfect storm” of temptations for those of us who struggle with compulsive shopping.  In today’s post, I highlight some of the primary danger zones inherent in holiday shopping, along with some tips for dealing with them. Continue reading

Salespeople Are Not Your Friends!

Awhile back, I was shopping with a friend at Nordstrom.  We were in the shoe department when she pulled me over to introduce me to a friend.  This “friend” was one of the shoe salesmen and she actually introduced both of us to each other as her friends (as in “Debbie, this is my friend so-and-so” and “So-and-so, this is my friend Debbie”).  At first I wondered if she had a friend who just happened to work in the Nordstrom shoe department, but it soon became clear to me that she only knew him from their interactions while she was shopping for shoes.  She shopped so often that she had started to consider the salespeople her friends.

I Have a Confession to Make…

Lest you think I’m being overly judgmental toward my fellow shopaholic friend, I have a confession to make.  I have also come to view salespeople at various department stores, shops, and boutiques as my friends.  I’m not sure if I ever introduced them to others as my “friend so-and-so,” but I did consider them friends in my mind and, more importantly, my heart.

Salespeople are not our friends

Do you view store salespeople as your personal friends?

Continue reading

My Beefs with the Fashion Industry

Today’s post is one that’s been churning around in my brain for quite some time.  In fact, it’s been on my list of post ideas for months, but other topics kept taking precedence. Well, the time is now!  I have a number of complaints about the fashion industry and the list keeps growing longer day by day.  Although I don’t like to focus on the negative, some things just need to be said.

Fashion industry rant

What complaints do you have about the fashion industry? 

I realize I may be preaching to the choir and many of you may share at least some of my complaints.  You also may have a few of your own to add to the mix.  We may not be able to change the status quo, but we can commiserate with others who feel our pain.  The following is a list of my current “beefs” with the fashion industry.  I welcome your comments on my rant and any additions you have to the list. Continue reading

A Different Kind of Shopping

Yesterday, I went to the mall.  It’s something I’ve done countless times before and it used to be something I did weekly, if not more often.  In fact, it was pretty much my “default activity.”  I shopped when I was happy, sad, anxious, frustrated, overwhelmed, bored, or whatever other emotion dominated my mindset.  I shopped regardless of whether or not I really needed anything new. Shopping was my favorite hobby and I didn’t need a reason, just a destination.

My trip to the mall yesterday was different in several significant ways.  In today’s post, I share what was different, how I felt, and what it all means in terms of my recovering shopaholic journey.  As with all of my posts, it’s my hope that you’ll learn from my experience, both from my past mistakes and from the knowledge I’ve gained as I worked to overcome my compulsive shopping problem. Continue reading

October Accountability Update

With one more month in the history books, it’s time for another accountability update.  For my newer readers, I’ve committed to post on a monthly basis about what left my closet, what came in, and how I’m doing with my clothing budget and shopping rules for the year.  These posts help to keep me honest and on track for fulfilling my goals for 2013 and beyond.

Shopping Accountability Updates

Even though most of you don’t have blogs, I highly recommend that you conduct some sort of regular review (if not monthly, than at least quarterly) of your wardrobe in-flow and out-flow and how much you’re spending on clothing and related purchases.  Although I’ve engaged in wardrobe tracking for almost three years and clothing expenditure tracking for nearly eleven years, the reviews I’ve been doing this year have been even more enlightening.  For one, I’m usually surprised at how many new pieces have entered my closet each month, even during the months when I believe I’ve shopped very little. Continue reading