Doing Project 333 Without Even Trying

I first took on minimalist fashion challenge Project 333 in April 2013.   It took me literally days to select my capsule wardrobe and I was riddled with intense anxiety as to whether I could actually dress with only 33 items for three whole months.   I even modified the rules of the challenge to make it easier for me, only counting clothing pieces and allowing myself carte blanche to wear as many shoes and accessories as I desired.  That helped somewhat, but I still made a number of swaps along … [Read more...]

A Small Wardrobe for Less Stress and More Happiness

The following is a guest post from Terra Trevor, who is sharing her journey as part of my new “Stories of Recovery” series.  Terra is an essayist, memoirist and nonfiction writer of a widely published diverse body of work. She is also a good bean cook, soup maker, dreamer, and reformed shopper. Visit her weblog where she writes about simple life, the sea, the beach and the joy in becoming more with less, probing life’s complexities. If you would like to be profiled in the “Stories of … [Read more...]

Reader Question – Help With Paring Down a Large Wardrobe

I recently received an email from a reader who is struggling with paring down her overly large wardrobe.  She has too many clothes and would like to reduce the volume, but her difficulty lies in the fact that she still likes most of what she has.  Since I’ve struggled myself with a similar dilemma and I believe many of you can relate to this reader’s challenge, I decided to address her question in a blog post. I’ve written on the subject of reducing wardrobe size previously, most … [Read more...]

Project 333 Round Two Recap

Last week, I finished my abbreviated second round of minimalist clothing challenge Project 333.  I’m glad I decided to shorten my Project 333 term from the standard three months to two months this time around, as I was definitely ready to regain access to the rest of my closet.  However, I’m also happy that I opted to try dressing with a capsule wardrobe once again.  I like challenges and I learned some useful things about myself and my closet through dressing with less for the past two … [Read more...]

Project 333 Round Two Update

In early January, I wrote that I had decided to do another round of the minimalist wardrobe challenge Project 333.  Since more than a month has passed since I began my current Project 333 stint, it’s time to share an update on how things are progressing for me.  In today’s post, I share my wins and challenges, some of my favorite items and outfits so far, and what I’m learning from dressing with less the second time around. My Project 333 Wins Let’s begin on a high note with my wins from … [Read more...]

Project 333 – Round Two

I have decided to dip my toe back into the Project 333 pool beginning this month.  For those of you who are new to my blog, I took on the Project 333 minimalist wardrobe challenge back in April through June of 2013.  I did this in order to cultivate more appreciation for what I had in my closet, as well as to assist me in further paring down my wardrobe.   I also hoped to spend less time thinking about what I wore and shopping for new clothing.  I achieved those benefits and more (see “My Top 8 … [Read more...]

What I’ve Learned from Shopping My Closet

As much of the world moves into the frenetic shopping blitz of the holiday season, I’d like to talk about a different type of shopping, the “shopping” we can do in our own closets.  I first heard the term “shop your closet” a few years ago on a fashion forum and I have to admit that it didn’t sound like much fun to me at the time.  As a dyed-in-the-wool shopaholic, I believed the only shopping I could enjoy was the type that took place in malls or on e-commerce sites.  I was always looking for … [Read more...]