Revisiting Project 333 and the “Love It, Wear It” Wardrobe Challenge

At the end of September, prior to attending Courtney Carver’s “Tiny Wardrobe Tour,” I decided to put together a hypothetical Project 333 summer capsule.  I wrote a blog post about this and concluded that it would be useful to try out that capsule during October, as warm weather where I live usually continues until at least early November and sometimes longer (our cool weather started just a week ago!). I reasoned that if nothing else, I’d learn some useful things about myself and my wardrobe … [Read more...]

Top Tips and Tools for Cultivating a Workable Wardrobe

In my last post, I gave an update on the purchases I made in 2014 and shared a lot of statistics regarding the success and failure rate of what I bought.  At the end of my update, I asked readers to offer insights on their own purchases from two years ago, along with their advice for others on how to increase buying success percentages. I received some great feedback as usual, but one reader named Jane also asked a very thought-provoking question of her fellow readers: If you have pared down … [Read more...]

Lessons From My Outfit Journal: 2016 Style Shifts and Goals

Almost two years ago, I started keeping an outfit journal as a way of better getting into touch with my personal style and helping it to evolve.   Although I had previously taken photos of my outfits for at least a few years, I believed that capturing my feelings about what I was wearing would be even more beneficial.  Well, I was right!  At this point, I can unequivocally state that my outfit journal has been the most important tool in my style evolution. And since it continues to produce … [Read more...]

Can You Remember Everything in Your Closet?

Do you think you could write down everything in your closet without looking?  I recently challenged myself to do just that after reading and article titled “Deep End: Clothing Analytics” on the new “Reasonably Presentable” blog.  Here are the basic instructions that I followed this past weekend: First, write down everything you remember owning, including what color it is.   Put the letter “A” by everything that you feel awesome in every time you wear it.   Put a “W” next to the ones you … [Read more...]

Lessons from My Outfit Journal – Re-Working a Problematic Look

As longtime readers of this blog know, I have been maintaining an outfit journal since summer 2014.  In this journal, I write down what I wore, where I wore it, my feelings about the outfit, and what I could change in order to improve the look.  I also rate all of my outfits on a scale of 1-10, and I’ve noticed that my percentage of “9” and “10” ensembles have steadily increased over the months that I’ve been keeping my journal.  It only takes a few moments each day, but the benefits have been … [Read more...]

“Love It, Wear It” Challenge Debrief & Year-End Inventory: Shoes and Accessories

In my last post, I began debriefing my “Love it, Wear It” Challenge (LIWI), which I took on throughout all of last year.  Part one covered my clothes and today’s post will look at my shoes and accessories in terms of how the challenge impacted those categories of my wardrobe, as well as my style. I will also share an inventory of my shoes and accessories. A Reminder of What LIWI Is… But before I dive into part two of this debrief, here’s a quick reminder of what LIWI is about (read more … [Read more...]

“Love It, Wear It” Challenge Debrief & Year-End Inventory: The Clothes

I am continuing with my year-end wrap-up posts for 2015.  Today is part one in a two-part series debriefing my “Love it, Wear It” Challenge (LIWI), which I took on throughout all of last year.  Part one will cover my clothes and part two, which I will publish early next week, will look at my shoes and accessories.  In addition to writing about how the challenge impacted my wardrobe and style, I will also share an inventory of my wardrobe in these two posts. An Overview of LIWI But before I … [Read more...]