Closet Downsizing and Wardrobe Minimalism Tips from Readers

When I shared my tips for a reader looking to downsize her closet and asked for additional suggestions, I never imagined I would get so many wonderful comments from all of you.  I was so impressed with the quality of the recommendations given that I decided to share many of them in this follow up post. I know that many subscribers don’t read the comments on my posts, but they are often equally as helpful as what I write.   In this case, I would venture to say that the suggestions in the comments … [Read more...]

Closet Culling Advice for Aspiring Minimalists

About a month ago, I received an email from a reader who wanted some advice for her struggles in paring down her wardrobe.   She told me she hadn’t seen advice anywhere that fit her specific situation.  I could have just responded to her questions via email like I usually do, but since I’ve been blogging for a few years now and have read many comments from readers, I knew many of you could likely relate to this reader’s challenges.   I also believe that those who have overcome similar struggles … [Read more...]

KonMari in the Closet – My May Closet Purging Session

After I bought so many new items in April, my closet started to feel a bit too full.  So I elected to do something I didn’t think I would do… I decided to use the “KonMari Method” with my wardrobe.   In today’s post, I will share what I did, what I got rid of and why, and how I felt during the process. Most of you are probably aware of the “KonMari Method” by now.  Even if you haven’t read my two posts on that topic (see here and here), you've probably seen other blog posts or magazine … [Read more...]

Downsizing a Large Music Collection the “KonMari” Way

My post on how my husband and I downsized our large book collection was very well received, and many readers told me they’d like to see more content from me on the topic of de-cluttering.  Toward the end of that post, I mentioned that we had also applied the “KonMari Method” to our compact disc collection.   Today, I recount that process and share the insights learned along the way. On Music Collections We didn’t start out with an insanely huge music collection.   Between the two of us, we … [Read more...]

On Tidying, Books, and What Sparks Joy

I mostly write about clothing on this blog, but many of us also have a tendency to accumulate too many items in other possession categories.   My husband and I have been gradually paring things down in all areas of our home, but one area that’s been challenging has been our books, particularly mine. A Book to Help Me De-clutter My Books? As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m what one might call an “information junkie.”  For years, my shopaholic tendencies extended to books almost as much as … [Read more...]

Being Deliberate with Our Wardrobes and in Our Lives

Many personal development experts recommend selecting a theme for each year to help guide our focus and direction.   Some even advocate doing this in lieu of creating specific personal and professional goals.   Last January, I selected two words as my guiding focus for the year, simplicity and joy.  Without comprehending the irony in my doing so, I also laid out fairly extensive lists to govern my wardrobe and shopping as well as my overall life during 2014.  That wasn’t exactly simple, was … [Read more...]

Dealing with FOMO and Information Overload

I was planning on doing an update on my “Full Life Project” today.  However, as I read through my initial post on that topic and my April follow-up, I realized there is another subject I’d like to explore first.  As you might remember, the words I selected as my theme for 2014 were “simplicity” and “joy.”  Unfortunately, I don’t feel I’m doing very well in manifesting that reality for myself and there is one big reason for that. In today’s post, I explore two topics that have been adversely … [Read more...]