Going Gray & Getting Out of “Hair Prison” Follow-Up

Thank you to all those who responded to my last post, both in the comments section and via email. I was very touched by the tremendous amount of support, encouragement, and advice that I received.  I loved reading your stories and perspectives on the issues of going gray, aging, dealing with hair woes, and more.   Because I know that many subscribers don’t read the comments, I’ve decided to share some of the input I received in a follow-up post today.  This post can also serve as a resource on … [Read more...]

On the Precipice of 50: Gray Hair, Vanity, and Breaking Free

In less than three months, I will turn 50.  As is often the case with milestone birthdays, I am experiencing some anxiety around moving into a new decade and have been giving a lot of thought to the transition and what it means to me.   Although it could be said that it’s just a number and age doesn’t really mean anything, that’s not how I’ve been feeling.   I decided to do a few “stream of consciousness” posts leading up to the big day (August 8) to share my thoughts and insights. This first … [Read more...]

Shopaholic Recovery: Past, Present, and Future

I was recently interviewed for a television segment that will air next week (see the end of this post for more information) and I was asked about how far along I am in my recovery from compulsive shopping.  After pondering for a moment, I said that I am approximately 75% recovered at this point and will always have to be vigilant of my shopping behavior and the underlying feelings. In today’s post, I reflect upon the growth I’ve achieved thus far, where I am today in my recovery, and how I see … [Read more...]

Off to a Good Start with My 2016 Balance Theme

As the year began, I felt extremely unbalanced. I wasn’t sleeping much, I felt “behind the 8-ball” with my tasks and goals, I was spending far too much time on Facebook, and I was drowning in information overload.   It was very clear to me that something needed to change; thus, I selected “balance” as my theme for 2016.   In one of my early January posts, I wrote about what balance means to me and highlighted the specific changes I need to make in my life during 2016 to further this … [Read more...]

Finding Balance in the Closet and All Areas of Life

For the past two years and at various points in the past, I have chosen a word or theme to guide my focus over the course of the year.   For 2014, I actually selected two words, simplicity and joy, but I felt that diluted my focus a bit, so I returned to one single word, deliberate, to guide me during 2015.   I've opted to continue the practice of choosing a word for the year for 2016.  This post will be centered around sharing that word, why I have selected it, and how I see my theme unfolding … [Read more...]

My Love / Hate Relationship with Caffeine

The essay below was written in April 2013, shortly after I had made a commitment to conquer my addiction to caffeine (and just a few months after I started this blog).  I decided to document how caffeine was negatively impacting my life so I would never forget why I decided to break the hold that it had over me.  I decided to re-read what I had written today, as I have been backsliding into using caffeine as a prophylactic for my migraine headaches on a regular basis.  I wanted to remind myself … [Read more...]

Photography Interlude – Ocean Beach Sunset

I planned on having my next post be an update on how I’m doing with my theme of the year, deliberate, but that will have to wait until next week.  Tonight I want to share something really beautiful with you.   This afternoon, I decided to go to the beach at sunset time to take some photos.  I knew I would enjoy seeing the ocean, the sky, and the pier, but I wasn’t prepared for how truly breathtaking the views would be!   Since I was so in awe of what my eyes beheld, I wanted to share it with all … [Read more...]