What Are Your Shopping “Aftershocks”?

On Tuesday, Dr. April Benson and I presented a free teleseminar titled, “Overshopping for Clothes? 3 Steps to Take Control Once and For All.”  I hope some of you were able to attend the call and received value from it!   A few of you asked if I would be doing a recap in a blog post like I did for our August teleseminar.   Tuesday’s call cannot be easily summarized in a single blog post, but I will recap a few of the concepts discussed over the coming weeks, starting with today’s post. By the … [Read more...]

What Triggers You to Shop?

In today’s post, I explore another one of the exercises in Dr. April Benson’s wonderful book, “To Buy or Not to Buy:  Why We Overshop and How to Stop.”  I previously shared my insights from Dr. Benson’s exercise, “Why Do You Overshop?”  Today I delve into the various triggers that can propel us to shop and discuss some of the main triggers that have been problematic for me over the years. By the way, I will be co-leading another free teleseminar with Dr. Benson on Tuesday, October 29th.  … [Read more...]

Useful Links: Articles on Shopping Addiction

I am always on the lookout for good articles on the topic of shopping addiction.  In fact, I probably have at least 100 of them bookmarked at this point!   In today’s useful links post, I share some of the best of these articles with you. You’ll see some of the “usual suspects” in the mix, including an interview with Dr. April Benson and an excellent recent blog post by Jill Chivers.  I also feature a recent article about online shopping that includes quotes from both Dr. Benson and “yours … [Read more...]

Why Do You Overshop?

As I mentioned previously, I am working through the exercises in “To Buy or Not to Buy:  Why We Overshop and How to Stop” by April Lane Benson, Ph.D.  Periodically, I will share some of these exercises on the blog. I won’t share them all, but I will post key exercises I feel will have the greatest impact for my readers. Today’s post is the first in a series that will stretch at least through the end of 2013, and perhaps longer. I will continue to write about other topics here as well, as I … [Read more...]

Feelings Before, During, and After Shopping

In this blog, I write about both the practical and psychological aspects of compulsive shopping, as I believe both areas are important in terms of our recovery.  Thus far, I’ve written far more about the practical aspects, such as wardrobe management, accountability, shopping tips, and the Project 333 minimalist fashion challenge. While I will continue to write about these topics, I’d like to start delving more into the psychology of why we overshop and how we can stop.  In doing so, I will … [Read more...]

Avoiding the 3 Most Common August Shopping Mistakes

On Wednesday evening, I led a teleseminar with Dr. April Benson, author of “To Buy or Not to Buy:  Why We Overshop and How to Stop.”  This call focused on the most common mistakes shoppers make this time of year and how to best avoid these pitfalls. A big thank you to all of those who attended the call!  I hope you received a lot of value from the information that Dr. Benson and I provided.  Since I know that many of you weren’t able to attend the teleseminar due to prior commitments and … [Read more...]

Compulsive Shopping Audio Resources

In today’s post, I share some excellent audio resources on the topics of compulsive shopping, fashion ethics, and wardrobe minimalism.  Most of these resources can be easily downloaded and listened to while you are driving, exercising, or doing other activities. I have listened to all of the recommended resources and found them interesting, informative, and enlightening.  I hope you will feel the same! I’m Doing a Free Teleseminar with Dr. April Benson! Before I share the recorded … [Read more...]