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April 2016 “Grab Bag” of Useful Links

It’s nearing the end of April, so it’s time for another installment of my “grab bag” of useful links (see previous editions here). Included below are links to articles I think you’ll enjoy on the subjects of shopping and shopping psychology, wardrobe management, style, and personal development.  I’m also sharing a few previous “Recovering Shopaholic” posts that you may have missed the first time around (or may choose to revisit now).  This “grab bag” of useful links presents the perfect … [Read more...]

What Are Your Favorite 100 Wardrobe Items?

A couple of weeks ago, I read about an exercise that could help us to pare down our wardrobes.  The instructions are simple:  select the top 100 items in your closet.  The idea is that once you separate out your favorite pieces, it will be easier to let go of at least some of the things that didn’t make the cut.  Since I love to do wardrobe exercises and am always up for a challenge, I decided to take this exercise on. In today’s post, I will share how it went for me, what I selected, and what I … [Read more...]

A Year Later: April 2015 Purchase Update

Anyone who has been reading this blog for a while knows that I publish monthly accountability updates. These posts (see the most recent one here) include what came into and left my closet in a given month -and why, as well as how I’m doing with my clothing budget and item limit for the year.  It’s been very helpful for me to do these updates, as they help me to stay honest and on track with my wardrobe and shopping goals. Last month, I started a new feature in which I review my purchases a … [Read more...]

Photography Interlude – Shelter Island

One of my favorite places to walk is on Shelter Island, which is right down the street from where I live.  Over the almost 14 years that I have lived in San Diego, I’ve probably walked on Shelter Island thousands of times!   Shelter Island is not actually an island, as it’s connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of land.   The “island” is 1.2 miles (1.9 km) long and only a few hundred feet wide and is home to a number of marine-related businesses, hotels, and restaurants. A single street … [Read more...]

The “KonMari Method” in the Jewelry Box

In my last post, I shared the results of a wardrobe memory exercise that I recently took on.  I tried to remember the contents of my closet and jewelry box without looking.   I found that I was able to write down 91% of my wardrobe (including shoes) but only 77% of my jewelry collection.   I came to a number of conclusions from doing the exercise, one of which was that I still own too many garments, shoes, and accessories for my lifestyle. Since it has been almost a year since I used the … [Read more...]

Can You Remember Everything in Your Closet?

Do you think you could write down everything in your closet without looking?  I recently challenged myself to do just that after reading and article titled “Deep End: Clothing Analytics” on the new “Reasonably Presentable” blog.  Here are the basic instructions that I followed this past weekend: First, write down everything you remember owning, including what color it is.   Put the letter “A” by everything that you feel awesome in every time you wear it.   Put a “W” next to the ones you … [Read more...]

March 2016 Accountability Update

I was a bit delayed in posting my January and February accountability updates, so I thought I’d be timelier with the one for March.   Also, I don’t have as much to share this time around, so this won’t be as epic a post to write (or read). For those who are new to the blog, these monthly reports are where I share what came into and left my closet, what I wore, and how I did with my shopping budget and item limit.  Sharing what I bought, what I culled, and how much I spent helps me to stay … [Read more...]