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December “Grab Bag” of Useful Links

It’s the last day of December – and the last day of 2015, so it’s time for me to share my latest “grab bag” of useful links (see previous editions here).   Included below are links to articles I think you’ll enjoy on the subjects of shopping and shopping psychology, wardrobe management, style, and personal development.  I’m also sharing a few previous “Recovering Shopaholic” posts that you may have missed the first time around (or may choose to revisit now).  Many of you have a long weekend for … [Read more...]

From Compulsive eBay Buyer to Self-Trusting, Balanced Shopper

The following is a guest post from Tonya, who agreed to share her “story of recovery” with all of you.  Tonya is a longtime reader of this blog and one of the moderators of the “End Closet Chaos” closed Facebook group.   She shared a big part of her story about downsizing her wardrobe, shopping smarter, and honing her style in the group not long ago.  I thought what she had to say would be inspiring for all readers of “Recovering Shopaholic.” I asked if she would be willing to expand upon her … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas from Recovering Shopaholic!

Many bloggers are taking time off this week and next to enjoy time with their families and friends for Christmas and New Year's.  Since I'm not traveling and don't have any elaborate holiday plans, I will continue with my regular posting schedule.   I was going to share a "photography interlude" (see previous versions here) today, but I decided to veer off a bit and go with a holiday theme. A Christmas Retrospective In today's post, I share some of my Christmas photos from years past, from my … [Read more...]

My Style Evolution: 2000 – 2015

As we close out 2015 and the third year of “Recovering Shopaholic,” I thought it would be fun to reflect on how my personal style has evolved over the past decade plus.   This is a post I’ve been meaning to do for a while after I had seen another blogger do it, but now seems like a good time since I feel I’ve made a lot of positive changes to my style this past year. This will be a very photo-heavy post with not as much writing as usual.  There is an old saying, “A picture speaks a thousand … [Read more...]

My Love / Hate Relationship with Caffeine

The essay below was written in April 2013, shortly after I had made a commitment to conquer my addiction to caffeine (and just a few months after I started this blog).  I decided to document how caffeine was negatively impacting my life so I would never forget why I decided to break the hold that it had over me.  I decided to re-read what I had written today, as I have been backsliding into using caffeine as a prophylactic for my migraine headaches on a regular basis.  I wanted to remind myself … [Read more...]

November 2015 Accountability Update

Just like with last month, I’m getting this accountability update up a little late.  I actually considered combining my November and December updates since I don’t have a whole lot to share this month.  However, I ultimately opted to write this post now and I will do a big year-end wrap-up (like this one I did last year) in a few weeks. For those who are new to the blog, these monthly reports are where I share what came into and left my closet and how I did with my shopping budget.   Sharing … [Read more...]

Being Deliberate in the Home Stretch of 2015

This is a post I’ve been hesitant to write, but I’m still going to do it.   Sometimes we learn the most by doing things we don’t really want to do.   As many of you know, I have a practice of selecting a theme for myself each year to help guide my focus and actions for those twelve months.   This year, the theme that I selected was “deliberate” and my aim was to become a lot more intentional with my shopping, wardrobe, and life. First – The Good News… Let’s start with the good news.  As I … [Read more...]