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July 2015 “Grab Bag” of Useful Links

I love all of the wonderful comments I received on my last two posts about closet downsizing and wardrobe minimalism (here and here).  Clearly, many of you have thoughts on these topics and I’m glad you decided to share your words of wisdom.   Since the post consolidating readers’ comments seemed to be popular, I will feature comment round-ups again in the future when it seems appropriate to do so.   As one reader mentioned, even though she regularly reads comments, she often doesn’t remember … [Read more...]

Closet Downsizing and Wardrobe Minimalism Tips from Readers

When I shared my tips for a reader looking to downsize her closet and asked for additional suggestions, I never imagined I would get so many wonderful comments from all of you.  I was so impressed with the quality of the recommendations given that I decided to share many of them in this follow up post. I know that many subscribers don’t read the comments on my posts, but they are often equally as helpful as what I write.   In this case, I would venture to say that the suggestions in the comments … [Read more...]

Closet Culling Advice for Aspiring Minimalists

About a month ago, I received an email from a reader who wanted some advice for her struggles in paring down her wardrobe.   She told me she hadn’t seen advice anywhere that fit her specific situation.  I could have just responded to her questions via email like I usually do, but since I’ve been blogging for a few years now and have read many comments from readers, I knew many of you could likely relate to this reader’s challenges.   I also believe that those who have overcome similar struggles … [Read more...]

Am I Living a Deliberate Life?

Half of 2015 is behind us and I realized that I have yet to post an update on how I’m doing with my theme for the year.   In hindsight, I wish I would have done at least a quarterly update, if not more often.  It’s very important to keep our yearly themes top of mind, and an update from me may have reminded those who also selected 2015 themes to take a look at how they’re going. Well, better late than never, as the saying goes.   So today I’m going to let you in on my progress with my 2015 … [Read more...]

June “Love It, Wear It” Challenge Update – Part Two

I decided to split my June LIWI update into two parts because it was just getting too long.   I think I will change the structure of my future updates to streamline them a bit.   As longtime readers are aware of, I’m a big fan of numbers, statistics, and analysis, but I know that not everyone has the time or the inclination to read such a deep level of detail.   But I will definitely share information galore at the end of the year when I was wrapping up the challenge, so fellow detail fans will … [Read more...]

June “Love It, Wear It” Challenge Update – Part One

I have now completed the first half of my 2015 “Love It, Wear It” Wardrobe Challenge (LIWI).  I feel this project has been instrumental in helping me to feel better about my clothes, shop smarter, and cultivate a more workable wardrobe.   I continue to learn new things about myself along the way, as well as what types of clothes, shoes, and accessories work best for my life and my evolving style aesthetic. As with last month, I am splitting this update into two parts. In today’s post, I will … [Read more...]

June 2015 Accountability Update

I hope all those in the U.S. had a great July 4th weekend (and that everyone else had a nice weekend, too).  Mine was more low-key than usual, as my sweet kitty Coco had to have five teeth extracted on Friday and I wanted to stay close by to keep an eye on her.   She is doing okay now and is on my lap purring as I type this… There must be something about July 4th and tooth issues in my family, as I suffered with an infected tooth and had to have a root canal last year! My husband and I … [Read more...]