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March 2015 “Grab Bag” of Useful Links

It’s the last day – and the last post – of the month, so it’s time for me to share my latest “grab bag” of useful links.   But before I do, I want to thank everyone who has shared their feedback on where to find quality clothing in response to my last post.   As I mentioned in that post, I will be adding all of the reader input to mine and creating a permanent resource page on the website.  I will share that link once it’s available. If you haven’t had a chance to chime in about your quality … [Read more...]

Where to Find Quality Clothing

Many of us are looking to shop less often and place shopping into the proper perspective in our lives. At the same time, we’re also aiming to find quality items that will stand the test of time.   In the comments section of one of my previous posts, some readers shared resources for where they find quality clothing and asked me to share my insights on the topic.   I thought that would be a great topic for a post.  As I’ve often said, I get some of my best post ideas from readers! In … [Read more...]

What to Do With Your Closet Cast-Offs

I’ve written quite a bit about how to pare down an overly large wardrobe (see here and here for some of my best suggestions on this topic), but I don’t think I’ve given too much attention to what to do with our clothing cast-offs.   Today’s post outlines some suggestions for how to best move these items on to a new home. First, an Important Point about Guilt… Before I cover my specific suggestions, I’d like to cover one important point. A lot of times, our primary reason for holding on to … [Read more...]

Downsizing a Large Music Collection the “KonMari” Way

My post on how my husband and I downsized our large book collection was very well received, and many readers told me they’d like to see more content from me on the topic of de-cluttering.  Toward the end of that post, I mentioned that we had also applied the “KonMari Method” to our compact disc collection.   Today, I recount that process and share the insights learned along the way. On Music Collections We didn’t start out with an insanely huge music collection.   Between the two of us, we … [Read more...]

More Thoughts on At-Home Wear

Terra Trevor’s guest post last week and the follow-on comments from readers really got me thinking about what I wear at home and how I feel about it.  I’ve written quite a bit about how our wardrobes should suit our actual lifestyles instead of imagined or wished for lives.   However, for some reason, when I’ve thought about my own wardrobe and lifestyle, I really only took my “out and about” activities into consideration.  I mostly left my at-home life out of the equation and have rarely … [Read more...]

The Clothes We Wear at Home

The following is a guest post from Terra Trevor, author, essayist, memoirist and nonfiction writer of a widely published diverse body of work, who believes good humor is more attractive than good clothes that hang in the closet and are seldom worn. Terra has cultivated a small workable wardrobe, with a spotlight on her full life and the clothes she wears at home. Visit her at It was one of those days. I couldn’t wait to get home from work and change my … [Read more...]

On Tidying, Books, and What Sparks Joy

I mostly write about clothing on this blog, but many of us also have a tendency to accumulate too many items in other possession categories.   My husband and I have been gradually paring things down in all areas of our home, but one area that’s been challenging has been our books, particularly mine. A Book to Help Me De-clutter My Books? As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m what one might call an “information junkie.”  For years, my shopaholic tendencies extended to books almost as much as … [Read more...]