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Lessons from My Outfit Journal – Pants and Coats

Last week, I started a new series in which I share some of the entries from my outfit journal.   The first installment elicited quite a few comments and seemed to be popular with readers, so I’m going to dive in to another post in the series today.   This time, I will be focusing on a theme, pants/jeans outfits with coats.   I was basically happy with three out of the four looks I feature below, but there were still things I would change about each outfit. Keeping my outfit journal is … [Read more...]

February 2015 “Grab Bag” of Useful Links

It’s not quite the end of the month, but I decided to share my February installment of useful links a bit early this time.   My mom has been visiting and I only see her a few times per year, so I’ve wanted to minimize my time on blogging and other activities so I can spend more time with her.   I’m constantly compiling interesting and useful articles to share with you (as I’ve said, I read a lot).  In fact, I could probably share useful links far more often and still not run out of excellent … [Read more...]

From Spiraling Out of Control to Thoughtful Shopper

The following is an email I received from reader Jessica (now blogging at "One Hundred Hangers"), who wrote to me to share her journey of overcoming a serious compulsive shopping problem.  I was so inspired by her story (she gave me some great ideas to use in my own recovery) that I asked if I could share her letter as part of my “Stories of Recovery” series.   She graciously agreed and I’m delighted to share her words of wisdom with you today! If you would like to be profiled in the … [Read more...]

Lessons from My Outfit Journal – Part One

Before I delve into the topic of today’s post, I’d like to say a few things about my last article, “Putting Together a Dressy Wardrobe Capsule.”  Judging from some of the comments I received, I realize that I wasn’t clear enough about some aspects of that post.   I had originally intended to put together a true formal wardrobe capsule, but then I realized two things:  I own very few true formal items and I rarely attend those types of events.   So instead, I put together wardrobe options for the … [Read more...]

Putting Together a Dressy Wardrobe Capsule

Most of us closet pieces that we don’t wear very often, yet we keep them around “just in case” we may need them one day.   In many instances, these items fall into the formal or dressy wardrobe category.   In truth, it can be a good idea to retain a small capsule of formal items, as we generally do encounter such occasions periodically.  It’s easier to have some go-to pieces on hand than to have to shop on short notice and face the possibility of not finding what we need. When I shared my … [Read more...]

Being Deliberate with Our Wardrobes and in Our Lives

Many personal development experts recommend selecting a theme for each year to help guide our focus and direction.   Some even advocate doing this in lieu of creating specific personal and professional goals.   Last January, I selected two words as my guiding focus for the year, simplicity and joy.  Without comprehending the irony in my doing so, I also laid out fairly extensive lists to govern my wardrobe and shopping as well as my overall life during 2014.  That wasn’t exactly simple, was … [Read more...]

Love It, Wear It Challenge: One Month In

I just completed my first month of my “Love It, Wear It” Wardrobe Challenge, so it’s time for an update.  Here’s a quick reminder of how the challenge works (read more here)…  The idea is to create a “working closet” by moving everything I actually wear into a specific area of my closet.   I will only wear what I really want to wear and anything that I find uncomfortable, fussy, or no longer my style will be passed on for donation or consignment.   In addition, I will only buy new things as … [Read more...]