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What Else Do You Overbuy Besides Clothes?

This blog focuses mostly on the issues of buying and having too many clothes and what to do to address these concerns.  But from time to time, I receive a comment or email from a reader asking about other types of overshopping.  So I decided to address today’s post to the topic of the various types of overbuying and excessive accumulation in which many of us engage. I know that not everyone who reads this blog is a shopaholic.   Some of you are just looking to better manage your closets and … [Read more...]

What is Your Ideal Wardrobe Size?

My last post on paring down a large wardrobe and the resulting comments got me thinking a lot about wardrobe size. Specifically, I’ve been pondering the topic of ideal wardrobe size.  Now I don’t believe there is an absolute ideal wardrobe size that applies across the board, but I do think it’s possible to determine our own individual optimal wardrobe sizes. In today’s post, I share my thoughts on the important topics of wardrobe size and frequency of wear.  Using my own wardrobe as an … [Read more...]

Reader Question – Help With Paring Down a Large Wardrobe

I recently received an email from a reader who is struggling with paring down her overly large wardrobe.  She has too many clothes and would like to reduce the volume, but her difficulty lies in the fact that she still likes most of what she has.  Since I’ve struggled myself with a similar dilemma and I believe many of you can relate to this reader’s challenge, I decided to address her question in a blog post. I’ve written on the subject of reducing wardrobe size previously, most … [Read more...]

10 Signs That You’re a Recovering Shopaholic

I’ve been writing this blog for over a year now.  When I started the blog, I selected the title “Recovering Shopaholic” as a way of declaring my intention for recovery to myself and to the world at large.  I also hoped to connect with and inspire fellow shopaholics who want to overcome their compulsive shopping habits.  Over the course of this past year, I feel very fortunate to have achieved some measure of success on both fronts. I went shopping the other day for the first time in about a … [Read more...]

Closet Reorganization, Part Two

A quick note before I dive into today's topic...  I am featured today in the "Connecting with our Clothes" series on one of my favorite blogs,"This Kind Choice."  CLICK HERE to read about a piece that has stood the test of time in my closet, as well as what I have learned from this "wardrobe workhorse." I didn’t expect to be doing another post on the topic of closet organization so soon, but I like to go with the flow as a blogger and write about things that are timely.  I received some … [Read more...]

Lessons from Closet Reorganization

I was inspired to reorganize my closet yesterday after reading an article by Jill Chivers titled “You Don’t Wear What You Can’t See.”  In this article, Jill offers her top tips for creating an organized wardrobe you can shop in.  Since I’m working to “shop my closet” rather than the mall these days, I’m all for learning more about how I can successfully do this. A New Suggestion Many of Jill’s tips were things I’ve read and used before.  In fact, some of them I’ve even offered myself in … [Read more...]

Following Up on Closet Personality Types

Before I delve into today’s post, I’d like to share something with you.  Recently, Imogen Lamport of “Inside Out Style Blog” asked me to do a post for her “Stylish Thoughts” series.  Well, my guest post went live on Monday!  Click here to check it out… Today’s post is a follow-up to last month’s article titled, “What is Your Closet Personality Type?”  As a reminder, that article was based upon a video from Bridgette Raes on the five basic closet personalities.  In my post, I presented an … [Read more...]