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What Are Your Shopping “Aftershocks”?

On Tuesday, Dr. April Benson and I presented a free teleseminar titled, “Overshopping for Clothes? 3 Steps to Take Control Once and For All.”  I hope some of you were able to attend the call and received value from it!   A few of you asked if I would be doing a recap in a blog post like I did for our August teleseminar.   Tuesday’s call cannot be easily summarized in a single blog post, but I will recap a few of the concepts discussed over the coming weeks, starting with today’s post. By the … [Read more...]

Do You Save Your Clothes “For Good”?

Many of us have quite a few clothes in our closets that are rarely or never worn.  The reasons these clothes are gathering dust are many…  They may no longer fit our current bodies or suit our present day lifestyle, or we may simply not love them anymore.  These are all good reasons for passing things along to friends, family members, charity, or consignment.  There’s little sense in keeping things around that no longer work for who we are today. Why We Save Our Clothes “For Good” However, … [Read more...]

A “Mixed Bag” of Useful Links

My “useful links” posts are generally centered around a particular theme, but I’m going to mix it up a bit today… Today’s links are to articles I've read (and one video I watched) over the past week that I think will be of interest to my readers.  While some of these articles are on popular blogs (so you may have already seen them), others are from newer or less well-known bloggers.  I’m happy to introduce you not only to interesting and thought-provoking articles, but also to excellent blogs … [Read more...]

What Triggers You to Shop?

In today’s post, I explore another one of the exercises in Dr. April Benson’s wonderful book, “To Buy or Not to Buy:  Why We Overshop and How to Stop.”  I previously shared my insights from Dr. Benson’s exercise, “Why Do You Overshop?”  Today I delve into the various triggers that can propel us to shop and discuss some of the main triggers that have been problematic for me over the years. By the way, I will be co-leading another free teleseminar with Dr. Benson on Tuesday, October 29th.  … [Read more...]

How Many Clothes are Enough?

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve reduced the size of my wardrobe by almost half, yet I still feel like I have too many clothes.  As I’ve progressed on my “Recovering Shopaholic” journey, I’ve frequently pondered the question, “How many clothes are enough?” I’ve touched on this subject in a number of previous posts and even wrote more extensively about it in “What is a Normal-Sized Wardrobe?”  But my perspective has continued to evolve since writing that article back in February.  In … [Read more...]

Useful Links to Help You “Shop Your Closet”

Many of us are trying to pare down our wardrobes, shop less often, and add fewer pieces to our closets. However, we sometimes worry that in doing so, we might sacrifice style and not look as polished and put together as we’d like. We often think we need to buy more in order to cultivate new looks and keep our style fresh.  While buying new pieces is one way to update our look, it’s not the only way.  There is a lot of possibility waiting to be unleashed inside our very own closets!  Today’s … [Read more...]

Decisions, Decisions… The Keep or Purge Question

Many women (and a lot of men…) have too many clothes in their closets. Even those who don’t struggle with overshopping generally have more garments, shoes, and accessories than they know what to do with, as they continue bringing new things in without moving old things out. Having More Choices Isn’t Better or Easier We often hang on to our clothes because we believe more choices will help us to dress better, but that’s simply not the case.  Too many clothes leads to too many choices, and … [Read more...]