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Useful Links on Closet Psychology & Wardrobe Management

It’s Friday, so it’s time for another useful links post, this time on the topic of wardrobe management.  This is not only one of my favorite topics to write about, it’s also one of my favorite topics to read about!  Consequently, I had to go through a lot of bookmarked articles to curate the best ones for this list.  So as not to overwhelm my readers, I’ll always keep my useful links posts to no more than seven links. You’ve Read My Posts… Now You Can Hear Me! I was recently interviewed by … [Read more...]

My New and Improved Shopping Rules

When I started this blog in January, one of my first posts outlined a list of shopping rules to help me address my compulsive buying problem.  Over the ensuing months, I found myself adhering well to some rules (the budget, one in one out, and tracking) while ignoring others completely (item purchase limits).  Because I found the purchase limits too restrictive, I started adding a list of exceptions that only served to muddy the waters. I feel it’s now time to revisit my initial rules and … [Read more...]

On Conscious Shopping, Powerful Questions, and Avoiding Returns

As I mentioned in my “Friends, Shopping, and Telling the Truth” post last week, I recently went shopping with a friend.  While I wrote about my hesitancy in telling this particular friend - a fellow shopaholic - about my blog, I didn’t share anything else about that shopping experience. Today’s post covers how I shopped, what I bought, and my process for deciding whether to keep or return one particular item.  My hope is that my process will help you when wrestling with a similar … [Read more...]

Useful Links for Determining Your Personal Style

Today I’m introducing a new feature that will appear each Friday on “Recovering Shopaholic.”  I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m a very avid reader.  Not only do I subscribe to more blogs than I care to admit (I’m gradually paring down to the best ones, just like I’m doing with my clothes), I frequently click on article links posted on Facebook and Twitter.  I have a highly intricate bookmarking system in my internet browser for articles on a wide variety of topics, many of which … [Read more...]

Friends, Shopping, and Telling the Truth

A few days ago, I had lunch with a friend.  We always eat at the same place, which is right across from the mall, and we invariably do a bit (or more) of shopping following our meal. This friend is also a shopaholic, but I don’t think she is a recovering shopaholic.  She seems to love shopping several times per week, reading all the fashion magazines, saving discount cards and coupons, and amassing a wardrobe of gigantic proportions. I’m Not So Honest in My “Real Life” While many readers have … [Read more...]

Feelings Before, During, and After Shopping

In this blog, I write about both the practical and psychological aspects of compulsive shopping, as I believe both areas are important in terms of our recovery.  Thus far, I’ve written far more about the practical aspects, such as wardrobe management, accountability, shopping tips, and the Project 333 minimalist fashion challenge. While I will continue to write about these topics, I’d like to start delving more into the psychology of why we overshop and how we can stop.  In doing so, I will … [Read more...]

Avoiding the 3 Most Common August Shopping Mistakes

On Wednesday evening, I led a teleseminar with Dr. April Benson, author of “To Buy or Not to Buy:  Why We Overshop and How to Stop.”  This call focused on the most common mistakes shoppers make this time of year and how to best avoid these pitfalls. A big thank you to all of those who attended the call!  I hope you received a lot of value from the information that Dr. Benson and I provided.  Since I know that many of you weren’t able to attend the teleseminar due to prior commitments and … [Read more...]