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What Is “A Full Life”?

As you know, the tagline for Recovering Shopaholic is “Trade Your Full Closet for a Full Life.”  Thus far, the majority of my posts have focused on the first part, the full closet.  With a closet of over 300 items and an out of control shopping habit, I felt the need to begin by paring things down and getting a handle on my compulsive buying.  While both of those endeavors are still “works in progress,” I now feel the desire and need to give more attention to the “full life” portion of my … [Read more...]

Shopping for Acceptance

In previous posts, I explored “The Reasons We Shop Too Much” and “Why Continue to Shop?”  Those articles covered a lot of the reasons why compulsive shoppers continue to buy more and more, even when we don’t really need anything and may be in debt as a result of over-shopping.  Today’s post looks at another reason for shopping too much and one that I’ve determined is a primary driver of my shopaholic behavior. “Normal” Shoppers vs. Shopaholics When we visit the mall, a local boutique, or our … [Read more...]

Project 333 Week Twelve Update

We’ve now come to my penultimate Project 333 update (I’ve always wanted to use that word in a sentence!).  I’m now in the final week of my first term (but maybe not my last) of this enlightening and growth-producing minimalist fashion challenge. Week 12 presented some problems for me, but they were more in terms of my life than my wardrobe.  My issues with my Project 333 capsule wardrobe have been well documented in previous updates, so I won’t belabor those points again here.  Suffice it to … [Read more...]

Tips for Successful Resale Shopping

In my last article, I highlighted the pros and cons of shopping at resale stores.  I hope that post provided some valuable food for thought for you.   While there are definitely pitfalls involved in shopping at thrift and consignment shops, many of you will decide that the advantages outweigh these potential drawbacks.  As for me, I will continue to shop resale, but as with all of my future shopping, I will endeavor to do it smarter! In this post, I offer some tips for successful resale … [Read more...]

The Pros and Cons of Resale Shopping

For most of my adult life, I purchased all of my clothing at retail stores.  It wasn’t until about eight years ago that I discovered a new type of place to shop, the resale shop.  These stores are known by all types of terms – thrift, consignment, second-hand, opportunity (or “op-shops” for short), to name a few.   The common thread is that the items sold are not new; they were previously owned by someone else, or “pre-loved” if you will. Many people swear by the virtues of resale … [Read more...]

Project 333 Week Eleven Update

With Week Eleven behind me, I’m now down to my final two weeks of Project 333.  In some ways, the time has gone by very quickly, yet it also seems like a long time ago that I was putting together my wardrobe capsule in late March.  I’ve experienced a number of wins and challenges in my eleven weeks of Project 333 and have learned a great deal about myself, my wardrobe, my shopping habits, and my personal style.  I will write a lot more about this in early July, as the growth and learning is … [Read more...]

The Ups and Downs of “Uniform Dressing”

Some people have to wear prescribed uniforms for school or work.  I remember my mom in her white nurse’s uniform during my growing up years.  She enjoyed the ease of getting ready for work and the fact that she didn’t have to put much thought into what she wore.  Conversely, a lot of kids who attend private schools lament the fact that they must wear a uniform, as they are unable to express their individuality through what they wear. A Different Kind of “Uniform” This post is about a different … [Read more...]