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Neglected Wardrobe Areas

As many of you know by now, I spend a lot of time at home.  I’m self-employed and have a variable schedule.   A lot of the things I do involve sitting in front of my computer in my home office.  While I’m working from home, I generally wear workout clothes and loungewear.  I also spend a lot of time exercising, including almost daily walks by the water with my husband and trips to the gym a few times per week. Something’s Wrong with This Picture Even conservatively, I would guess that I … [Read more...]

Resisting the Allure of a Sale

As many of you know, I recently accepted a challenge from a reader to not shop for a month.  I committed to go the entire month of May without buying any new clothing, shoes, or accessories. At first, it was really easy for me to refrain from shopping.   In fact, I started to feel like it would be “a piece of cake” for me to breeze through the challenge and I even considered the possibility of extending my shopping hiatus. Then, It Happened... Then, it happened… I learned about the … [Read more...]

Project 333 Week Eight Update

I have now completed almost two months of Project 333.  Amazingly, I continue to learn more and more about my wardrobe and myself as I navigate this challenge.  As those who have been following my journey know, it’s really been a roller coaster ride for me. Case in point… While week seven was quite easy and smooth-sailing, week eight had me feeling confronted at times. I sometimes wonder if would have stayed the course with the challenge if I were not blogging about it.  While I hope I would … [Read more...]

The Nuts and Bolts of Wardrobe Tracking

In my last post, I outlined the value of tracking your wardrobe.  If you’ve decided you’d like to start tracking, today’s post will help to point you in the right direction.  The methods outlined below range from a simple technique you can start immediately to more detailed options that require a bit of planning and set-up time. I understand that many of you might not be as detail-oriented and "anal retentive" as I am, but you really don’t need to be in order to see some great results.  Even … [Read more...]

Why Track Your Wardrobe?

In a number of my posts, I’ve made reference to how often I’ve worn various garments in my closet.  I’ve even coined some new terms, such as “wardrobe benchwarmers” and “wardrobe all-stars” to describe rarely worn and frequently worn pieces.  Such information has elicited a number of questions from readers, asking how I track my wardrobe. But before I outline the specific methods I use to track my wardrobe (that will be my next post…), I first want to discuss why I feel it’s important to … [Read more...]

Project 333 Week Seven Update

I’ve now officially passed the halfway point for Project 333!  When I started the challenge, I had my doubts about whether I’d be able to complete it.  Now I definitely feel I will make it to the end of June.  I’m sure I’ll still experience some struggles along the way, and I may even have to do another swap or two, but I’m confident I’ll be able to see the challenge through to completion. The Easiest Week So Far Week seven was actually a fairly easy week, perhaps my most relaxed week thus … [Read more...]

Buyer Beware – The Dangers of “Fast Fashion”

The following is a guest post by one of my loyal readers, Deby.  This story was originally submitted as a comment to "Why Continue to Shop?"  Since it's such a powerful story with some excellent points, I asked if I could use it as a guest post for wider exposure.  Deby graciously agreed!   If you have an idea for a guest post on "Recovering Shopaholic," please connect with me to share your thoughts.  I have a recent shopping story to share. Always interested in new trends, I read … [Read more...]