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Project 333 Week Four Update

The first month of Project 333 is almost behind me.  In some respects, the time seems to have gone by quickly, but my preparation time in late March feels like ages ago.  I’ve experienced a number of wins and challenges in the interim and also learned some important things about myself. This past week was especially difficult, more internally than in terms of my wardrobe.  At one point, I even considered giving up the challenge, but I ultimately decided to carry on, both for the personal … [Read more...]

The Tried and True vs. the Shiny and New

I had a realization the other day regarding my Project 333 capsule wardrobe.  It occurred to me that many of my 33 garments for April through June have been in my closet for a number of years.  Geek that I am, I decided to do the math…  I learned that 79% of my Project 333 pieces were purchased in 2011 or earlier, and 55% were bought in or before 2010!  Here’s how it breaks down: Curious about the two garments from 2006?  They are a chevron striped tank top and a seamed flared black … [Read more...]

Project 333 Week Three Update

It’s Monday, so it’s time for another Project 333 update.  Week three of the challenge is now behind me and I have a lot to share with you today.  I made some additional swaps for items I had not yet worn, and I experienced some wins and some challenges during the week.  I also have four new outfits to show. Some More Swaps Were Made In last week’s update, I wrote that I’d made one garment swap since the challenge began. This week, I decided to make four additional swaps, all for garments not … [Read more...]

Weight, Body Image, and Shopping

In preparation for beginning Project 333 on April 1st, I tried on most of my clothes.  I did this so I could select the best 33 garments to wear over the next three months.  That process resulted in both good news and bad news… The Good News - Letting Go The good news was that I eliminated a number of items in my closet which no longer work for me. Trying things on really helped me to make decisions about the fate of many wardrobe pieces. If you think a garment in your closet is fine but … [Read more...]

Project 333 Week Two Update

My second week of Project 333 is behind me.  Two weeks down, eleven to go!  In this post, I’ll share how things are going for me with the challenge, the positives and negatives of my experience thus far, and my week two outfits (there are 6 this time). Only Two Thirds Worn So Far! Surprisingly, I have only worn 22 of my 33 items thus far.  I thought I would have worn almost everything by this point, but I’ve only included two-thirds of my capsule wardrobe in my April outfits.  The following … [Read more...]

Sometimes Cheap is Really More Expensive

When you shop for clothes, shoes, and accessories, do you always try to find the lowest price?  Are you always on the lookout for a “good deal”?   While bargain-hunting is common for many shoppers, I’m here to tell you that “cheap” can actually be more expensive. A Tale of Four Purses What do I mean by this?  I’ll illustrate my point by sharing a tale of four purses.  Two of the purses were “expensive” (over $200) and the other two were “cheap” (around $50).  The expensive purses were made by … [Read more...]

Project 333 Week One Update

Welcome to my first Project 333 update!  Each week during April through June, I will post an update on my Project 333 experience.  These updates will include photos of my outfits from the previous week, as well as the insights I’ve gained and the challenges I’ve faced from doing Project 333 and dressing with less. Overall Impressions My first week went fairly smoothly overall.  As was mentioned by others who have done the challenge, the anxiety and discomfort one experiences while preparing … [Read more...]