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The Wardrobe “Benchwarmer” Project

We all have favorite items in our wardrobes, things that we regularly reach for when getting dressed each day.  In contrast, there are other pieces that languish in our closets and rarely see the light of day.  Most people only wear 20% of their clothing on a regular basis, while the rest of what they own is merely taking up valuable closet space and leading to a false sense of having a large wardrobe. It is one thing to think we aren’t wearing most of what we have, but it’s quite another … [Read more...]

The Cold, Hard Facts: What I Have

I did something yesterday that I probably should have done a long time ago… I took an inventory of my closet.  I decided that if I am really going to confront my compulsive shopping issues head on, I need to have all of the facts at my disposal.  I already looked at the cold, hard facts of my finances (how much I’ve spent on shopping over the past 10 years) and what I did and didn’t wear over the past two years.  Next, it was time to turn to my closet and really look at what’s in … [Read more...]

History of a Shopaholic

So how did I get to where I am today?  A bit of history is in order now… I’ll do my best to give the “Cliff’s Notes” version starting with my childhood (after all, I am 46 – a full history would be a book, not a page!).  A Shy and Insecure Childhood I was a very shy and insecure child who grew up in the affluent community of San Carlos, California, a suburb of San Francisco.   I never felt as if I could measure up to my peers in terms of how I looked and how I dressed.  My parents were not as … [Read more...]

A New Experience – Shopping with Limits

Last Friday, I went shopping for the first time with my new purchase limitation.  For the entire year of 2013 (and maybe longer), I am only allowed to buy one item of clothing and one accessory per month.  The reason for this rule is so that I can learn to be more deliberate with my purchases, pare down my over-sized wardrobe, and better use what I have.  I also hope to cultivate more of a “quality over quantity” attitude. Limits Over "Cold Turkey" As I mentioned in my shopping rules for 2013, … [Read more...]

My Shopping Rules for 2013

When I decided that 2013 would be the year when I would really address my compulsive shopping problem, I knew there would have to be rules.  After all, I’ve tried the “loosey goosey” approach in the past where I just tried to shop less, spend less, stick to a budget, etc.  I’ve tried those things and more, and have failed miserably, so I knew I would need a radically different approach if I had any hope of succeeding. Limits Instead of "Cold Turkey" I considered taking a “cold turkey” approach … [Read more...]

Recovering Shopaholic Goals for 2013

First, a disclaimer… Some of the items below are more intentions or resolutions than goals, as they do not all adhere to the SMART principle for goal-setting (that all goals must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound).  However, I believe that as the year progresses, I will better be able to formulate my goals and make them “SMART.” Honesty and Commitment At present, this all seems fairly hazy and “pie in the sky” and that’s part of my reason for committing to blogging … [Read more...]

The Cold, Hard Facts: What I Did – and Didn’t – Wear

In my last post, I took an honest and sobering look at my shopping expenditures over the past 10 years.  I didn’t like what I saw…   I learned that I have consistently exceeded my shopping budget for each and every year since I started to track the numbers.   In some cases, I spent over twice the amount I had allotted for clothing and related expenses. Tracking What I Do and Don't Wear As I mentioned in the previous post, the financial numbers only tell part of the story.  For the past two … [Read more...]