May 2015 Post “KonMari Method” Closet Inventory

After downsizing both my clothes and accessories last week using the “KonMari Method,” I thought this would be a good time to do a closet inventory.  The last time I did a closet inventory was about four months ago, on January 23rd, after I had also undertaken a considerable wardrobe purge.   In today’s post, I will share my new wardrobe and accessory numbers.  But first, here’s what my closet looks like today:

My Closet as of May 18, 2015

This is what my closet looks like as of May 18, 2015.

As of my last closet inventory, I decided to start including my entire wardrobe in these updates (with the exception of undergarments and sleepwear).  The reason for the change is that I wanted to place more emphasis on my at-home wardrobe.   Those clothes count and I want to feel just as good in my at-home clothes as I do in what I wear when I’m out and about.

With the January update, I also started including jewelry in my closet inventories.  I had previously written about jewelry separately, back when I was focused on meeting my 2014 pare-down goal (which I met – and then some!).  But now that my jewelry collection is down to a more manageable level, I can look at it in tandem with the rest of my closet pieces.

My Core Wardrobe Numbers – May 2015

Let’s take a look at my new numbers, starting with my “out and about” clothes.   Listed below are all of today’s item numbers for my various wardrobe categories, followed in parentheses by the change since my January 2015 closet inventory:

  • Coats: (-4)
  • Blazers/Jackets: 11  (-2)
  • Cardigans: 12  (-1)
  • Sleeveless Tops & Tanks: 19  (same)
  • Short-Sleeved Tops: 13  (+1)
  • Long-Sleeved Tops: 20  (-5)
  • Jeans:(-2)
  • Pants:(-2)
  • Skirts: 10  (+1)
  • Dresses:  10  (+1)

 Now let’s look at some totals:

  • Tops: 52  (-4)
  • Toppers (coats, jackets, cardigans): 29  (-7)
  • Bottoms (skirts, pants, jeans): 20  (-3)
  • Total Number of “Out and About” Garments (above plus dresses): 111  (-13)

I think this number is still probably at least a little too high.  I’m guessing that 100 items or maybe a little less will end up being my wardrobe “sweet spot.” But we’ll see how things go as I continue with my LIWI challenge and endeavor to buy fewer items (which is still my goal, April lapse notwithstanding!).   Since I only get dressed in “regular clothes” three or four days per week, I really don’t need to have a lot of clothes.  However, as I also wrote in my January inventory update, I don’t want to purge things just for the sake of reaching some arbitrary number. I’m willing to take my time with “right-sizing” my wardrobe for my lifestyle as I let LIWI work its magic.

Workout and Lounge Wear

Here’s what I have today in my workout/lounge wear wardrobe:

  • Casual Jackets (worn on walks and to the gym): 6  (same)
  • Lounge Jackets (worn only at home): 1  (same)
  • Long-Sleeved Tops: 4  (-1)
  • Short-Sleeved Tops: 11  (-5)
  • Long Pants:(+1)
  • Capri Pants:(same)

Here are my workout and lounge wear totals and how they compare to my January numbers:

  • Tops: 15  (-6)
  • Bottoms: 12  (+1)
  • Toppers: 7  (same)
  • Grand Total: 34  (-5)

I think the size of my lounge wear wardrobe is pretty right on.   I’ve been wearing more of my “regular” tops at home, so there’s a lot more cross-over going on between my two wardrobes.   This area of my closet may increase a bit in the coming months, but I don’t see it changing all that much.  My main focus will be on downsizing my “out and about” wardrobe and making sure that all of my clothes better suit my lifestyle.

Total Number of Clothes

So my total number of clothes at this point is 145, which is down 18 items from my last closet inventory.  That doesn’t represent a very large decrease, but I’m moving in the right direction. Also, I feel that my wardrobe is now better meeting my needs. Most of the new items I’ve brought in are more in line with my personal style, which I’ve been working to re-define over the past year.

I still think that 145 items of clothing is too high for my life.  However, I am okay with letting the number decrease gradually over time through LIWI, general attrition, and periodic closet culling sessions. I will likely revisit the “KonMari” process again before the year is over, so that will help as well.

The Accessories

Now it’s time to look at how many accessories I have in my wardrobe, including shoes, scarves, purses, belts, and hats (I’ll cover jewelry in the next section).   Here are my current numbers:

  • Standard Shoes: 26 (-2) 
  • Other Shoes: (-1) – includes athletic shoes and shoes I wear only at home
  • Scarves: 18  (-7)
  • Purses: 10  (-1)
  • Hats: 10  (+1)  – I actually found some hats I had forgotten about and purged a few earlier this year
  • Belts: 2
  • Total Number of Accessories:   69  (-10)

I’m glad this number has come down since my last closet inventory, but it’s probably still a little too high for my needs.   I will likely pare down some of the shoes, scarves, and hats before the year is over.  I may also elect to let go of a purse or two that I don’t really love anymore.

There are 9 pairs of shoes in my closet that I have yet to wear this year (see this post for a photo, scroll down toward the bottom).   Many of those shoes could be classified as “dressy” and I just don’t need that many formal options.  I see myself letting go of at least a few of those shoes very soon.  I also plan to replace a few worn out pairs of shoes, but that will result in my shoe total remaining constant, unless I’m able to replace two worn out pairs with one stellar new pair.  Quality over quantity whenever possible is a new motto of mine that I hope to live by!

Last But Not Least, the Jewelry

I let go of quite a few jewelry pieces by way of Marie Kondo’s method last week (see the numbers and a photo here).   Here is a look at my current numbers and how they compare with my January jewelry inventory:

  • Watches: 5  (-1) – includes 1 sentimental watch that I don’t wear
  • Rings: 10  (-4) – includes 3 sentimental rings that are never worn
  • Brooches:(-2)
  • Pendants:(same)
  • Necklaces: 22  (-4)
  • Bracelets: 17 (-6)
  • Single Stud Earrings (for second piercing): 4  (-2)
  • Standard Earrings: 45  (-9)
  • Grand Total: 113  (-29)

In February 2014, I had 282 items in my jewelry collection, so I now only own 40% as much jewelry as I owned 15 months ago.  I’m very pleased with the progress I’ve made and am happy to be wearing a higher proportion of my jewelry pieces these days.   I know that I still have more paring down to do, but I trust that it will happen relatively effortlessly by means of my LIWI challenge.   If I don’t love and wear the items in my jewelry box (and my closet), they will be out the door!

Summing It All Up

If I add up all of the totals above, here’s what I get:

  • “Out and About” Clothes: 111
  • Workout and Lounge Wear: 34
  • Accessories: 69
  • Jewelry: 113

Basically, I have decreased my total wardrobe number by 17% since January.  I’m proud of that progress and the fact that LIWI has made it much easier to downsize.  Once I’ve seen what I have and haven’t been wearing, I’ve had far less resistance to letting go of the excess stuff.   Then the “KonMari Method” enabled me to remove a lot of my wardrobe dead weight in just a few hours with very little stress and anxiety surrounding the process.   I see my total wardrobe number dipping below 300 by the end of the year.

Just for Fun – My Husband’s Wardrobe Inventory

I will share some final thoughts shortly, but first I thought it would be fun to include my husband Mike’s wardrobe inventory in this post, especially since he also did the “KonMari Method”  last week. I’ve only shared his wardrobe numbers once, in a post titled “What is a Normal-Sized Wardrobe?”  That post, which was published on February 12, 2013, is the most popular post on this blog by far, probably because a lot of people search for that phrase.

I’m going to include my husband’s new numbers in an addendum to that post, but I will share them first here:

  • Mike’s Shirts: 60 (-52!)
  • Mike’s Pants/Shorts: 15  (-5)
  • Mike’s Jackets: 8 (-2)
  • Mike’s Shoes: 11 (-1)
  • MIKE’S GRAND TOTAL: 94 (-48!)

So Mike has reduced the size of his wardrobe by 34% in a little over two years.   He probably still has too many shirts, but his other numbers are very good and the shirts are far more manageable than they were back in 2013. He wears more of what he has and everything (with the exception of jackets) now fits into the armoire shown in the February 2013 post.  He no longer needs to store out of season clothing in another closet in our home.  He can see all of his clothes at a glance (so can I these days), which makes it much easier to get dressed in our temperate Southern California climate.

Some Final Thoughts & Your Input

I also included my numbers in parentheses after Mike’s in the post from two years ago.  At that time, I owned 124 tops, 48 bottoms, and 73 toppers!   My new numbers are 52 tops, 20 bottoms, and 29 toppers, so I have downsized by at least 58% in all three areas.   My progress has been slow but steady rather than quick and dramatic, but I’m now pleased to have a much smaller – and more functional – wardrobe. I believe my wardrobe will only continue to become even more functional as time goes by.

Now it’s time for you to chime in.  The topic of wardrobe size is very individual and there is no right number for everyone, but it’s usually something that most people have thoughts about.   If you’d like to share your wardrobe numbers in the comments section of this post, I know that I and others will find that data interesting.  If you have any questions for me or feedback on what I shared in today’s post – or on wardrobe size in general, I welcome that type of input as well.

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