August 2014 “Grab Bag” of Useful Links

It’s time once again for me to share an assortment of useful links I’ve compiled on the topics of shopping and shopping psychology, wardrobe management, style, and other relevant subjects.  This month I’m also adding a few links to early “Recovering Shopaholic” posts that you might have missed when they were first published.

Summer useful links grab bag

On Shopping and Shopping Psychology

  • When Does it Stop?” – This post from Jill Chivers was inspired by a comment made on this blog!  In response to this post, Renee wondered when the process of shopping and building a wardrobe ever ends.  Jill’s answer relates to having a sense of “enoughness” that is not about what’s in our closets.
  • 3 Ways to Make it Stop” – I had to link to this follow-on post from Jill, too.  This short article offers us three simple – but not easy – ways to stop the seemingly endless “buying treadmill” that shopaholics and many other women get on.  It all boils down to where we place our focus!
  • Shopping:  How to Make Decisions in the Dressing Room” – We’ve all been there… sitting in a fitting room, wrestling with the decision of whether to buy something or leave it in the store.  Caroline from “Unfancy” offers some ways to reframe our racing thoughts into powerful questions that will facilitate the decision-making process.

On Wardrobe Management

  • Starting from Scratch Summer Wardrobe” – The Vivienne Files recently presented a “Starting for Scratch” series that takes us through a step-by-step process for building a cohesive and workable wardrobe using a palette of five colors.  This post presents one example of this process using navy and white as the key neutrals with accent colors of turquoise, fuchsia, and purple (see many more examples – and full explanations of each step – in the full “Starting from Scratch” series)
  • Level Up Mini Challenge:  Shop Your Closet” –  It can often be daunting to “shop our closets,” particularly for those of us who have large wardrobes.  This post from “The Nife en L’Air” simplifies the process by walking us through six steps using a specific item or item type.  A personal example helps to drive the point home.
  •  “The Minimal Closet:  Wardrobe Reality & How to Purge” – I discovered the wonderful blog, “Grechen’s Closet,” when she linked to one of my posts a while back.  Grechen recently decided to pare down her large wardrobe to only those items she loves and which work for her real life.  Her process offers lots of helpful tips for those of us who wish to do the same.

On Style

  • Resources to Dress for the Fall Transition and Fall” – Audrey from “Putting Me Together” just had a baby, but she still took the time to help her readers navigate the summer to fall transition period.  This post provides links to some of her past posts on dressing for fall and wearing our favorite closet pieces throughout the year.
  • What I Look Like in My Friend’s Clothes – a Fun Experiment” – I love the way Sylvia of “40+ Style” dresses in flowing asymmetrical garments, but two of her friends wanted to see how she looked in more fitted clothing.  So she tried on a few of her friend’s outfits and photographed them.  Sylvia shares those photos, as well as her thoughts on the resulting looks and the way she felt wearing them.  A fun and thought-provoking post!
  • Fresh Ways to Wear a Little Black Dress” –  After I shared my experience of working with stylist Bridgette Raes, there were quite a few comments related to her views on wearing black and the term “blackcident.”  In this post, Bridgette sets the record straight and also offers lots of useful tips for styling the “little black dresses” that many of us have in our closets.  I love the fresh color combinations, especially looks #3 and #4!

On Other Topics

  • How to Be a Grown Ass Woman:  Friendships” – I know the title is a bit strange, but I really liked this article from “Yes and Yes.”  When I shared about my struggle to make friends as a middle-aged (I still don’t like that term!) woman, many of you could relate.  This article outlines seven tips to make things easier for us in the friendship realm.  They’re all great, but I particularly resonated with #1 and #7.
  • A Rich Life with Less Stuff” – Before “The Minimalists” set out on their recent 100-city book tour, they gave a presentation at a local TedX convention.  Their 15-minute talk includes the story of how they became minimalists and how that shift has changed their lives for the better.  A very inspiring and entertaining watch!
  • How to Be Happier with this One Simple Trick” – Erin from “Pixel Perfect” has written two guest posts for this blog (here and here) and has another one coming up soon.  In this recent post on her own blog, she shares how learning something new can help to increase our happiness.

From the “Recovering Shopaholic” Archives

  • What is a Normal-Sized Wardrobe?” – This early article remains my most-viewed post of all time, probably because a lot of people search for the exact title.  After reading an article in “Oprah Magazine” in which a couple helped each other purge their closets, I decided to help my husband tackle his burgeoning wardrobe.  In the process, we both got to thinking about what constitutes a “normal-sized” wardrobe.  I came up with some simple math to help each of us answer that question for ourselves.
  • Thoughts on the Target Designer Collections” – Several times per year, a famous designer collaborates with Target to present an affordable collection, and many other stores have now followed suit.  But are these “bargains” really worth it?  In this article from February 2013, I share my thoughts on why these designer collections are so popular and what I really think is going on.
  • You Don’t Need a Large Wardrobe to Be Stylish” – I used to work with a woman who was extremely stylish and well-dressed.  Naturally, I assumed she had a huge wardrobe, but I later learned that wasn’t the case at all.  In fact, her closet was probably one quarter the size of mine!  Likewise, the resulting wardrobes of “What Not to Wear” contributors are often less than fifty pieces (I’ve actually paused the show to count!).  Reflecting on these facts helped me to set a new wardrobe goal for myself during the early stages of this blog.  Happily, I have since surpassed that goal and am working on creating an even smaller and more workable wardrobe!

A Question For You…

I hope you enjoy this month’s useful links installment.  As always, feel free to comment on these links and add some of your own to the mix!

Before you go, I have a quick question for you…  Do you like that I’m sharing a large selection of links once a month, or would you prefer fewer links but more often?  I don’t want to overwhelm anyone with information overload, especially since I’m working so hard on eliminating that phenomenon in my own life!  Of course, I don’t expect anyone to click on and read all of the links.  The idea is to give you a “grab bag” from which to choose so you can select what’s most interesting to you.

I enjoy compiling helpful articles and sharing them with you, but there are various ways I could do this.  I could go back to sending a group of links on a specific topic (but probably not every week like I used to), I could send fewer links on various subjects but more often, or I could stick with the status quo.  If you have any thoughts on this matter, please share them, either in the comments section or by contacting me directly.

Thanks for your support. I wish you all a wonderful weekend (and for those in the U.S., Happy Labor Day)!

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